High-Performance Ceramics III

Volumes 280-283

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.280-283

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Authors: Qian Lin Chen, Jian Qing Wu, Xian Ping He, Jian Xin Cao

Abstract: In this article, the β–Sialon with average diameter size less than 20µm is prepared and researched by use of aluminum, silicon, and corundum...

Authors: Jun Ting Luo, Kai Feng Zhang, Guo Feng Wang, Guo Qing Chen

Abstract: Si3N4 ceramic bodies were prepared by liquid phase sintering (LPS) with the amorphous nano-sized Si3N4 powders. Nano-sized Al2O3 and Y2O3...

Authors: Zong Han Xie, Mark Hoffman, Robert J. Moon, P. R. Munroe, Yi Bing Cheng

Abstract: The wear behaviour of Ca a-sialon ceramics of two distinct microstructures, fine equiaxed grains (EQ) and large elongated grains (EL), with...

Authors: Xin Lu, Xiao Shan Ning, Wei Xu, He Ping Zhou, Ke Xin Chen

Abstract: In the study, the spark plasma sintering (SPS) method was adopted to fabricate Si3N4 ceramics with Y2O3-MgO additives. Specimens with...

Authors: Jian Qing Wu, Fang Li Yuan, Xin Jun Zeng, Ping Gen Rao

Abstract: A new method called cation extraction process has been applied to improve the oxidation resistance of silicon nitride ceramics with...

Authors: Su Min Zhu, Ruo Ding Wang, Na Li, Hong'an Xi, Qin Li, Shu Qiang Ding

Abstract: Porous silicon carbide (SiC) ceramics were fabricated by a polycarbosilane (PCS) conversion bonding technique, in which PCS was used as a...

Authors: Yan Xiang Wang, Shou Hong Tan, Dong Liang Jiang

Abstract: The effects of microstructure on strength, toughness and corrosion resistance of reactionformed silicon carbide and heat treatment on the...

Authors: Rui Zhang, Hai Long Wang, Lian Gao, Shao Kang Guan, Jing Kun Guo

Abstract: Copper coated silicon carbide clusters were used to fabricate nanocomposite. Compacts were isostatically pressed and heated in nitrogen...

Authors: Xu Guang Tong, Xiao Zhan Yang, Jian Bao Li, Geliang Sun

Abstract: In this paper, the models of multilayer absorbing coating and hollow ball are studied. For the former model, a computer program is made to...

Authors: Xiao Gang Wang, Bin Yang, Shuiyuan Shao

Abstract: ANSYS software was used to simulate the superposition rule of multi-thermal-source temperature field. The SiC productions synthesized by...


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