High-Performance Ceramics III

Volumes 280-283

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.280-283

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Authors: Chien Cheng Liu, Jow Lay Huang

Abstract: The effects of TiN addition to Si3N4 on its mechanical and wear properties were investigated. The size and content of TiN particles were...

Authors: Bing Wu, Long Hao Qi, Jian Shen

Abstract: High producing cost is one of the important reasons that silicon nitride ceramics can’t be widely used today. In this paper, one kind of...

Authors: Hou Xing Zhang, Y. Huang, Yan Ruo Hong, Jia Lin Sun, N.S. Zhou

Abstract: The isothermal oxidation behaviors of MgAlON/Si3N4 composite which was synthesized by pressureless nitridation reaction sintering have been...

Authors: Li Feng Wu, Chang An Wang, Yong Huang

Abstract: Ti3SiC2 bulk materials by hot-pressing sintering were presented through adding a little amount of B2O3 as a low-temperature additive in...

Authors: Shi Bo Li, Hong Xiang Zhai

Abstract: Microscale plasticity of Ti3SiC2 was investigated by Vickers hardness indentation. The surface layer of the hardness indentations was...

Authors: Hong Xiang Zhai, Zhen Ying Huang, Yang Zhou, Zhi Li Zhang, Yi Fan Wang

Abstract: Characteristics of the frictional layer in high-purity Ti3SiC2 and TiC-contained Ti3SiC2, sliding against low carbon steel, were...

Authors: Zhen Ying Huang, Hong Xiang Zhai, Yang Zhou, Yi Fan Wang, Zhi Li Zhang

Abstract: The friction behavior of Ti3SiC2 sliding against low carbon steel was studied. Tests were carried out on a block-on-disk type friction...

Authors: Zhi Li Zhang, Hong Xiang Zhai, Zhen Ying Huang, Cui Wei Li, Yi Fan Wang, Zhouyang

Abstract: The Ti3SiC2 samples with a second phase TiC, prepared by hot-pressing progress route, were rubbed against low carbon steel disk with a...

Authors: Sui Lin Shi, Wei Pan, Ming Hao Fang, Zhen Yi Fang

Abstract: HAp-Ti3SiC2 (60 vol.%) composite was fabricated using Sparkle Plasma Sintering (SPS). The mechanical properties and microstructure of the...

Authors: Chang An Wang, Ai Guo Zhou, Chun Qing Peng, Yong Huang

Abstract: A two-step method was presented to fabricate Ti3AlC2-based ceramics. The first step was to synthesize a reactive powder, which mainly...


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