High-Performance Ceramics III

Volumes 280-283

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.280-283

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Authors: Erdem Atar, H. Çimenoğlu, E.S. Kayali

Abstract: In the present study tribological performance of ZrN coatings deposited on hardened AISI D2 quality cold work tool steel by arc-Physical...

Authors: Xi Tang Wang, Zhou Fu Wang, Bao Guo Zhang, Cheng Ji Deng

Abstract: Vanadium nitride is produced from V2O5 by carbon-thermal reduction and nitridation. When the sintered temperature is above 1273K, VN can be...

Authors: Jian Ying Gao, Wan Jiang, Gang Wang

Abstract: A combustion front quenching (CFQ) technique was used to investigate the mechanism of selfpropagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) of...

Authors: Zhi Xiong, Gang Wang, Wan Jiang

Abstract: The room temperature fracture toughness and the high temperature DBTT of MoB particle-reinforced MoSi2 composites were investigated using...

Authors: Xiao Li Zhang, Jian Feng Yang, Zhen Lin Lu, Zhi Hao Jin

Abstract: It has been reported that formation of Mo(Al,Si)2 phases by the addition of aluminum can improve the mechanical and oxidation properties of...

Authors: Ningfeng Gao, Fumihito Inagaki, Ryo Sasai, Hideaki Itoh, Koji Watari

Abstract: WC-Co cermet is widely used in industrial applications such as cutting tools, dies, wear parts and so on. It is of great importance to...

Authors: Gang Qin Shao, Xiao-Hua Yu, Xing Long Duan, Wei Feng Zhang, Zhong Lai Yi, Chong Wang, Peng Shun, Xiao Liang Shi

Abstract: The need for WC-Co with improved properties, particularly increased hardness and strength combined with increased ductility and toughness,...

Authors: Zhen Ting Wang, Hua Hui Chen

Abstract: Micro-nanostructured WC composite coatings were successfully fabricated by induced heating sintering method on the surface of Q235 steel...

Authors: Hai Long Wang, Rui Zhang, Hong Liang Xu, Hong Xia Lu, Shao Kang Guan

Abstract: In order to improve the interfacial behavior between SiC and Al, a surface layer of Cu was coated on SiC particles. The influence of pH...

Authors: Wei Pan, Qiang Xu, Long Hao Qi, Jing Dong Wang, He Zhuo Miao, Kazutaka Mori, Taiji Torigoe

Abstract: The increase of the efficiency for gas turbines leads to the increasing combustion-chambertemperatures. Rapid degradation of the...


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