High-Performance Ceramics III

Volumes 280-283

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.280-283

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Authors: Chun Qing Peng, Chang An Wang, Yong Huang

Abstract: A new method to synthesize high-purity Ti3AlC2 bulk material by hot-pressing was presented through adding a little amount of B2O3 as a...

Authors: Yi Wang Bao, Yan Chun Zhou

Abstract: Creep and stress relaxation of Ti3AlC2 were investigated using three-point bending tests at 800-1200°C under various load levels. The...

Authors: Uraiwan Leela-adisorn, Akira Yamaguchi

Abstract: Synthesis method of Zr2Al3C5 via solid state reaction between Al, ZrC and carbon powder was studied. Al-ZrC-C compact with equivalent mol...

Authors: Guo Jun Zhang, Tatsuki Ohji, Shuzo Kanzaki

Abstract: Based on the proposed inorganic reactions a series of high performance hexagonal boron nitride-containing composites (BNCC), include SiC-BN,...

Authors: Zhi Hong Li, Yong Hong Zhang, Y.M. Zhu, Zheng Fang Yang

Abstract: Cubic boron nitride(CBN) is a superhard materials with many advantages and many uses. Vitrified bond CBN grinding tool is a promising...

Authors: Zhi Hong Li, H.F. Zheng, Y.M. Zhu, Q.M. Yuan

Abstract: In this paper, the performances of CBN abrasives with and without Ti coatings and their changes during heat treatment were investigated...

Authors: Chun Ying Shen, Tai Qiu, Yu Ming Lu

Abstract: AlN fibers were synthesized by carbothermal reduction using Al2O3 fibers as starting material. The N content of AlN fibers synthesized at...

Authors: Ren Li Fu, He Ping Zhou, Ke Xin Chen, José Maria F. Ferreira

Abstract: AlN whiskers have been successfully synthesized by carbothermal reduction. The thermodynamics and growth kinetics of AlN whiskers were...

Authors: Jin Yu Qiu, Koji Watari, Yuji Hotta, Kenshi Mitsuishi

Abstract: The sintering behavior of AlN powders with different particle sizes and specific surface areas was investigated in the present work....

Authors: Yong Zheng, Wen Jun Liu, Quan Yuan, Lei Wen, Wei Hao Xiong

Abstract: Several Ti(C,N)-based cermets with different grain growth inhibitor were studied using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission...


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