Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VI

Volumes 295-296

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: I. Frollo, P. Andris, I. Strolka, L. Bačiak

Abstract: The scope of this paper is to demonstrate a least square method for optimisation of basic parameters for selected physical experiment design...

Authors: B. Wu, Ji Gui Zhu, Xue You Yang, T. Xue, S.H. Ye

Abstract: For 3D digital measurement of large scale objects, image mosaic is the key technology to achieve whole measurement for a small measuring...

Authors: Yi Ping Luo, Zhuang De Jiang, B. Li, Y.G. Wang

Abstract: The problem of freeform surface reconstruction starting from a cloud of points measured by a laser scanning system is examined. The...

Authors: D.S.H. Ling, H.Y. Hsu, G.C.I. Lin, S.H. Lee

Abstract: A super resolution measurement technique is proposed to improve the accuracy of the automated stereovision measurement systems. Image super...

Authors: H.X. Chen, Zu Rong Qiu, Guo Xiong Zhang

Abstract: CCD camera is used in the liquid signature analyzer system to capture images of the liquid drop of the tested sample. The digital image...

Authors: S.H. Xie, Qiu Liao, S.R. Qin

Abstract: A new nonlinear intensity interpolation algorithm is presented to realize sub-pixel edge detection. The interpolation algorithm based on the...

Authors: S.R. Lee, Z.G. Li, B.G. Wang, H.S. Chiou

Abstract: Temperature variation on accuracy and stability in measurement instruments is an important issue. High performance and miniaturized...

Authors: Z.J. Yu, S.Y. Ma, R.S. Che, Q.Z. Wang, W. Tian, Z.H. Li, J.Z. Li

Abstract: A new method for calibrating stereo vision measurement system is presented. By moving a rigid optical reference bar in a pattern in and...

Authors: Chang Ku Sun, X. Zhang, Z. Wang, S. Ye

Abstract: A novel 2D pattern used in camera calibration is presented. An array of circles with one feature circle located at the center is photo...

Authors: Z. Xu, L. Tao, Chang Ku Sun, Y. Zheng

Abstract: A rapid calibration method for the parameters of a laser light plane scanning 3D measurement system is proposed. The mathematic model and...


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