Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VI

Volumes 295-296

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Zhang, S.X. Deng, Hui Qiang Wang, S. Chen

Abstract: The non-contact pneumatic measurement technique is useful for dimension measurement. The authors have developed a new type of air-pin...

Authors: Y.H. Wang, S.Q. Hu, Ying Hu

Abstract: For reducing the machining difficulty and increasing the conjunction precision, an automatic sorting system is presented. The system...

Authors: X. Zhou, Jun Gong, Y. Liu, J. Zhou
Authors: M. Ding, Qi Wang, G. Shen, P. Zhao
Authors: J.P. Wang, W. Zhou, W.F. Tian, Z.H. Jin

Abstract: This paper describes the design of an intelligent multi-gyro measurement device to measure and monitor an inertial unit composed of three...

Authors: Xuang Ze Wang, Y. Gao, Jun Guo, T. Xie

Abstract: This paper describes an X-Y stage with a plane cross grating for position feedback. The stage has a current servo motor and a piezoelectric...

Authors: Z.J. Cai, Li Jiang Zeng

Abstract: It is important to track a free flying insect to investigate its flight performance. Conventional video tracking systems are difficult to...

Authors: Shu Lian Zhang, Li Jiang Zeng

Abstract: We propose a new beating machine based on a dual cam and lever mechanism to operate flapping and torsion motions of a dragonfly wing. The...

Authors: Xin Chen, Kiyoshi Takamasu, M. Nikaidou

Abstract: A new linear motor based on the Sawyer principle is firstly introduced. Some important features of the linear actuator are discussed for...


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