Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VI

Volumes 295-296

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hitoshi Ohmori, Y. Watanabe, Wei Min Lin, Kazutoshi Katahira, T. Suzuki

Abstract: Ultraprecision optical components require ultra-fine smooth surface quality of sub-nanometer or sub-angstrom in Ra. To satisfy these...

Authors: Liang Chia Chen, J.Y. Sun, Tsing Tshih Tsung, H. Chang, Hong Ming Lin

Abstract: This article presents the development of an automatic on-line measurement system for characterizing a nanoparticle manufacturing process...

Authors: Yu Zhen Ma, S.H. Ye, F. Duan, Y. Zheng

Abstract: In this paper, the main new point is the use of a non-contact combinational system with a capacitive sensor and eddy current sensors to...

Authors: C.J. Liu, Xue You Yang, Ji Gui Zhu, S.H. Ye

Abstract: Linearity is a very important parameter for seamless steel pipes. A real-time and on-line visual measurement system for seamless steel pipe...

Authors: X.Y. Yu, F.B. Zhang, H.J. Yuan, Z.G. Lang

Abstract: The objective of this work is to develop a 3D measuring system for on-line 3D measurement in industry locale. Our system is based on the...

Authors: Z. Tao, Y. Gao

Abstract: A new in-process optical measurement method has been developed for measuring surface profiles of workpieces under the coolant condition. In...

Authors: X. Liu, Y. Gao, Suet To, Wing Bun Lee

Abstract: Lateral shear interferometers have large measurement range and good anti-disturbance ability. They have similar accuracy compared with the...

Authors: X. Li, Z.L. Ding, F. Yuan

Abstract: The correlation method had once been considered as one of the best methods for the measurement of multiphase flow. However, if the behavior...

Authors: Ji Gui Zhu, S.H. Ye, Xue You Yang, Xing Hua Qu, C.J. Liu, B. Wu

Abstract: Rapid progress in modern manufacturing demands for better measurement technique with on-line characteristics. This paper presents a...

Authors: L. Blunt, X. Jiang, P.J. Scott

Abstract: This paper provides an overview of advances in the surface metrology field, concerning surface creation, measurement need, instrumentation,...


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