Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VI

Volumes 295-296

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S.R. Lee, Z.S. Luo, H.S. Chiou, B.G. Wang, L.S. Liu

Abstract: With the development of modern engineering such as micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and new material, the deformation measurement of...

Authors: Dong Lin Peng, Xing Hong Zhang, Xiao Kang Liu

Abstract: For many reasons, the study of differential frequency measurement had disappeared for some years. This paper applies the differential...

Authors: M. Watanabe, Ryoshu Furutani

Abstract: Requirement for precision measurement becomes extremely advanced as industrial needs advances. CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) is one of...

Authors: S.G. Liu, K. Peng, F.S. Huang, Guo Xiong Zhang, P. Li

Abstract: A portable three-dimensional vision coordinate measuring system is proposed in this paper. It consists of a light pen, a CCD camera and a...

Authors: M.Z. Shen, Shu Tao Liao

Abstract: In order to increase the precision of a high speed dynamic autocollimator, which uses quadrate detector, we propose a new method to...

Authors: M. Furukawa, Wei Gao, Hideki Shimizu, S. Kiyono, M. Yasutake, K. Takahashi

Abstract: This paper describes a measurement method for three-dimensional (3D) slit width deviations of long precision slot dies, which are essential...

Authors: A.N. Baybakov, V.M. Gurenko, S.P. Yunoshev, S.V. Plotnikov, V.V. Sotnikov, K.P. Kascheev

Abstract: Ensuring the safety of running trains is the main condition of railways exploitation for transport of passengers and cargoes all over the...

Authors: X.D. Cao, T.Q. Fan, L.H. Geng

Abstract: A new method for measurement of dynamic angular error of photoelectric shaft encoder using trigger photoelectric collimator is proposed. The...

Authors: Yu Xue Chen, S.N. Yang

Abstract: Outer ring tilted or offset axially, caused by improperly fixing relatively to the inner ring, will produce remarkable systematic errors in...

Authors: B.H. Wu, T.B. Xiao, D.P. Zou, J.J. Long

Abstract: A relative detecting method is proposed to detect the synchronous error of several long stroke hydraulic cylinders by using a short stroke...


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