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Authors: Xing Hua Qu, X.H. Zhao, S.H. Ye
Abstract:Porous silicon with pore size in the range of a few nanometers can be used as multifunctional material in different MEMS applications. Via an...
Authors: Hideki Shimizu, S. Kiyono, Wei Gao, H. Shoji
Abstract:For effective medical treatment, sensors that can find foreign bodies such as tumors in early stage are required. This paper describes a new...
Authors: W. Xu, F. Shao, D. Ewins
Abstract:The osseointegration trans-femoral implant is a new orthopedic anchoring method to attach prosthetic limb. The success of this technique...
Authors: Liang Chia Chen, Z.Q. Xu
Abstract:This research develops an innovative free-form surface scanning system using laser triangulation for 3D dental data required for crown...
Authors: M. Gürtner, N. Neumann, F. Schneider
Authors: S. Chang, C.P. Grover
Abstract:A hybrid correlation system incorporates an optical correlator, spatial light modulators(SLM), digital cameras and a computer. Spatial light...
Authors: M. Kalms, W. Jueptner
Abstract:By reason of their sensitivity, accuracy and non-contact as well as non-destructive characteristics, modern optical methods such as digital...
Authors: H.Y. Sung, L.F. Tien, C.Y. Lin, C.Y. Lo, Y.R. Lin, Y.M. Lin, T.H. Tao
Abstract:Automatic measurement of an object shape is very important in solid modeling, machine vision, industrial inspection, and medical diagnostics,...
Authors: Jiunn Haur Shaw, J.Y. Lee, L.H. Chow, Hseuh Ching Shih
Abstract:This paper describes the development of a confocal Fabry-Perot interferometer (CFPI) for non-contact and non-destructive detection of...
Authors: Shu Lian Zhang, Y.C. Ding
Abstract:A novel unattached laser feedback interferometer by combining the laser feedback effect with the frequency splitting technology is presented...
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