Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VI

Volumes 295-296

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: G.H. Wu, Z.J. Cai, Li Jiang Zeng

Abstract: A two-color heterodyne interferometer based on the movement of the optical diffraction grating is proposed. The method allows us to measure...

Authors: E.K. Izrailov, V.F. Ezhov

Abstract: A new method and devices for cooling of atomic hydrogen up to the values less than 100 µK aimed for the development of the optical frequency...

Authors: Yuri V. Chuguy

Abstract: Ensuring the safety of nuclear reactors and their high exploitation reliability requires a 100 % noncontact precise inspection of...

Authors: Ryszard Jabłoński

Abstract: In laser measuring scanners, in addition to the ideal output signal, interfering signals occur. They are due to superimposition of...

Authors: G. Hao, Zu Rong Qiu, Guo Xiong Zhang, A.P. Zhang

Abstract: An instrumental method for measuring the properties of liquids has been developed. The instrument, called the fiber-capacitive drop analyzer...

Authors: M.R. Zhao, Yu Cheng Lin, X.B. Niu, D.M. Cheng

Abstract: A binary second order rational polynomial is adopted to simulate and extend the phase distribution on reference plane. In order to get the...

Authors: S.W. Hsu, Y.D. Jiaan, M.S. Huang

Abstract: A method for obtaining the core positions of fiber array is described. The technique is based on the use of calibrated mask. Because the...

Authors: Xing Hua Qu, Y. He, G.X. Jia, J.M. Ding, S.H. Ye

Abstract: This paper describes a system that detects and categorizes workpieces with random defects on electrodeposits glossy metal surface. The...

Authors: K.D. Yue, X. Zhou, J. Gao

Abstract: Many monitoring methods for dam safety have been proposed in recent years but it is difficult to monitor the arch dam automatically. A novel...

Authors: X.R. Chen, P. Cai, Wen Ku Shi

Abstract: Flexible coordinate measuring system based on laser tracking measurement system (LTS) is an effective method to detect 3D coordinates of...


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