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Authors: J. Aoki, Wei Gao, S. Kiyono, T. Ono
Abstract:This paper presents a high precision AFM for nanometrology of large area micro-structured surfaces. A PZT with a stroke of 100 microns is...
Authors: Kuang Chao Fan, Y.J. Chen
Abstract:The primary purpose of this research is to adopt a commercially available DVD pickup head and modify it to become a high-speed scanning...
Authors: N.C. Shie, T.L. Chen, Kai Yuan Cheng
Abstract:This investigation presents a fibre-optic Fabry-Perot interferometer as a displacement sensor in an atomic force microsope (AFM). A simple...
Authors: Y.H. Chen, X.J. Li, X.F. Zhou, Jia Lin Sun, W.H. Huang, J. Hu
Abstract:Mechanical properties of DNA, for example the elastic modulus, are of vital importance for its biological function. Previously, the modulus...
Authors: S.W. Hsu, T.L. Chen
Abstract:A prototype all-coil electromagnetic force balance has been designed and built. This measurement system compares the mechanical force to an...
Authors: A.P. Qiu, Y. Su, S.R. Wang, B.L. Zhou
Abstract:The design of mechanical structures depends upon characterizing the stress/strain state in these devices under the combined influence of both...
Authors: H.Z. Liu, Bing Heng Lu, Y.C. Ding, D.C. Li, Yi Ping Tang, T. Jin
Abstract:A precision 6-degree-of-freedom measurement system has been developed for simultaneous on-line measurements of imprint lithography stage. To...
Authors: Yi Lun Zhu, S.R. Wang, A.P. Qiu
Abstract:The principle of operation of double-ended resonant tuning forks (DETF) is described in this paper. A new kind of DETF used in the resonant...
Authors: Qing Gang Liu, M. Li, D.C. Li, Z.G. Li, X.T. Hu
Abstract:Long range scanning stages with very small positioning errors are the key elements in the nano-CMM that is used to determine the sizes and...
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