Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VI

Volumes 295-296

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Roald E. Taymanov, Ksenia Sapozhnikova

Abstract: It has been proved that artificial intelligence leaned on self-checking is an efficient factor for increasing metrological reliability of...

Authors: S.C. Kim, C.H. Lee, B.H. Lee

Abstract: Efficient development of method for performance evaluation of machine tools has been regarded as the most important issue to enhance...

Authors: Y. Gao, S. Tse

Abstract: Evaluation of the dynamic parameters of a modulator based grinding machine system, which is underdamped, is presented. The modulator is one...

Authors: Z. Yang, Y. Gao, T. Huang, D. Zhang

Abstract: A high speed painting automizor system with elastic support is presented. Experimental tests of the system including the key part, the...

Authors: Shu Xiang Yang, W.D. Jiao, Z.T. Wu

Abstract: Nonlinear independent component analysis (NICA) is a powerful method for analyzing nonlinear and nongaussian data. Artificial neural network...

Authors: M. Ozaki, Ryoshu Furutani

Abstract: Spatial resolution in the conventional optical microscopy depends on diffraction limit. Photon scanning tunneling microscopy is one of the...

Authors: D.X. Chen, M.C. Pan, F.L. Luo, Z.W. Kang, W.G. Tian, Yun Yu Hu

Abstract: Research achievements in a high speed attraction type magnetic levitation vehicle experimental system are reported. The high speed...

Authors: X.H. Cao, F.L. Luo, F.T. Bai, Y.H. Zhang

Abstract: A direct digital synthesis (DDS) waveform generator for electromagnetic non-destructive testing (NDT) is presented in order to improve the...

Authors: F.L. Luo, Yun Yu Hu, Z.W. Kang

Abstract: It is important to improve the reliability of the eddy current non-destructive testing. It is generally difficult to reduce the probability...

Authors: S. Zhang, Dan Li, J. Sun

Abstract: A new approach for power system frequency estimation is proposed. The approach consists of two stage adaptive notch filters. The first stage...


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