Advances in Machining & Manufacturing Technology VIII

Volumes 315-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Cheng Wang, S.L. Wang, Hong Jie Pei, Wei Guo Wu, X.J. Hua

Abstract: According to in-depth analysis of the interface between HSK shank and the spindle, the dynamic characteristic of HSK tool system in high...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Li, Xiao Qiang Li, Yan Long, Ming Shao, Wei Xia

Abstract: Fe-2Cu-2Ni-1Mo-0.8C (wt. pct) alloys were successfully fabricated from elemental mixed powders by high energy milling and pulse electric...

Authors: Yan Ling Tian, Da Wei Zhang, Cheng Zu Ren, Bing Yan

Abstract: In order to implement dynamic compensation for the wheel vibration of surface grinding machine, a micropositioning table with high...

Authors: J.J. Wang, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: The paper states the characteristic of Granite Surface Profiles. Gauss Filtering has been adopted on original granite surface profiles...

Authors: Yi Wan, Zhan Qiang Liu, Xing Ai

Abstract: High-speed machining (HSM) has received great interest because it leads to an increase of productivity and a better workpiece surface...

Authors: Wen Zhuang Lu, Dun Wen Zuo, Min Wang, Feng Xu, Xiang Feng Li

Abstract: Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond is known for its superior characteristics such as hardness, toughness and wear resistance. However,...

Authors: Ji Jun Zhu, H.N. Shi, J. Cheng, X.Y. Wei, Zu Hong Lu

Abstract: This paper introduces a kind of new homemade and low cost multi-channel nucleic acid pyrosequence detector for at least ninety-six channels...

Authors: Dun Wen Zuo, Yoshihiro Kawano

Abstract: End mills with small diameter have found their wide application with the development of high-speed cutting. It becomes more and more...

Authors: W.L. Wang, X.L. Xu, Yan Wei Zhao, Q. Guan

Abstract: The mechanism of vaccination was analyzed in the immune system and the improved immune algorithm for the job-shop scheduling problem was...

Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, X.W. Sun, Shen Dong, L.J. Zhang

Abstract: An ultra-precision machine is developed to machine components made of KDP crystal with single point diamond fly cutting technique. This...


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