Advances in Machining & Manufacturing Technology VIII

Volumes 315-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Cun Xu, Zhe Jun Yuan, Yu Quan Chen

Abstract: During the transferring process of the large die surfaces, there are extensive needs of die surface polishing. Since almost large die...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Xing Ai, Z.J. Lv

Abstract: By adding nano Si3N4 and nano TiC particles into the micro Si3N4 matrix, the Si3N4/TiC nanocomposite ceramics were fabricated via hot...

Authors: Yan Wu, Bo Zhao, Xun Sheng Zhu

Abstract: Based on the grain movement model of ultrasonic grinding, models representing the grinding force of single abrasive and the material...

Authors: Rui Qiu Wang, Wu Yi Chen, M. Jin, J.Y. Pang, H.T. Ye

Abstract: Hermite method and MPM method were studied. Multi-point machining constraints with the cutter tilting forward and backward were derived...

Authors: Bo Zhao, Yan Yan Yan, Yan Wu, Feng Jiao, C.S. Liu

Abstract: This paper worked on two dimensional ultrasonic grinding system with workpiece adhered to ultrasonic vibration. It analyzed the working...

Authors: Z.L. Hu, Cheng Yong Wang, L. Zhou, H. Fu, J. Chen

Abstract: Graphite electrode material has been extensively used for thin-walled electrode manufacturing, due to its typical brittleness, HSM becomes...

Authors: Ya Liang Wang, Shi Ming Ji, Yi Xie, X.J. Lan, Jian Sha Lu, Shou Song Jin

Abstract: The tool wear monitoring system based on the image processing and computer vision has better study value and foreground. During the...

Authors: Lu Xiao, M.X. Zeng, Dong Hui Wen, H.H. Wu, B.H. Si

Abstract: The wear behaviour in the precision interrupted hard part turning SAE8822 case hardened steel by BN250 PCBN cutting tool was studied....

Authors: S.J. Dai, Dong Hui Wen, Ju Long Yuan

Abstract: The wear pattern and mechanism during continuous hard turning GCr15 hardened bearing steel with BZN8200 PCBN cutting tool was studied....

Authors: Su Min Yin, C. Jin, Yong Kang Zhang, Jian Zhong Zhou, Ji Chang Yang

Abstract: In terms of the principle and characteristics, this paper proposes a new method to implement laser shock forming for large region based on...


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