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Authors: D.D. Gu, Yi Fu Shen
Abstract:Selective laser sintering (SLS) of a multi-component Cu-based alloy, which consisted of a mixture of Cu, CuSn, and CuP powder, was...
Authors: Yuan Li, Xipeng Xu
Abstract:In this paper, finite element method (FEM) was applied to analyze the natural characteristics of a diamond saw-blade for deep sawing of...
Authors: Qiu Sheng Yan, F.F. Bi, N.Q. Wu
Abstract:This article first presents the performance of Electrorheological Fluid (ER fluid). Thus, a new-style machining technique based on ER effect...
Authors: Yi Fu Shen, D.D. Gu, Y.F. Pan
Abstract:Balling process in selective laser sintering of 316 stainless steel powder was investigated. It showed that the balling phenomenon was...
Authors: J. Hu, W.H. Liao, Yong Dai, H. Guo
Abstract:Few existing systems can support the reuse of conceptual design knowledge due to the lack of satisfying modeling technologies. In the...
Authors: Qing Song Zhang, W. Zhang, Yan Shen Xu
Abstract:The contact rigidity and damping between joints of machine tools could vary greatly because of the difference of static and dynamic loading...
Authors: Yu Lan Tang, Ying Chun Liang, X.D. Liu, J.H. Dou, D.X. Wang, J.W. Zhao
Abstract:A three-dimensional model of molecular dynamics (MD) simulation was employed to study the generation process of nanometric machined surfaces...
Authors: Gang Xiang Hu, Xiao Dong Hu, Yang Fu Jin, Xiao Zhen Hu, W. Li
Abstract:The functional materials such as sapphire, silicon wafer etc. are processed efficiently with ultra-smooth surface for the demand of the...
Authors: Dong Hui Wen, Ju Long Yuan, Qiao Ling Yuan, Bing Hai Lv
Authors: Duo Sheng Li, Dun Wen Zuo, Rong Fa Chen, Bing Kun Xiang, Li Gang Zhao
Abstract:DC-Plasma arc behavior is one of the key factors on growth of diamond film. The results show that keeping steady DC-Plasma arc can grow...
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