Experimental Mechanics in Nano and Biotechnology

Volumes 326-328

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.326-328

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Authors: Yun Jae Kim, Tae Kwang Song, Jun Hee Hanh, Jun Hyub Park

Abstract: This paper discusses possibilities to extract elastic-plastic properties of nano-scale materials using combined nano-indentation tests with...

Authors: Yu Qiao Wang, Chun Ping Liu, Kang Li, Yue Ming Sun

Abstract: TiO2 colloids prepared by sol-gel method were autoclaved and then deposited onto a transparent conducting oxide substrate by...

Authors: Lin Zhang, Guang Hui Min, Hua Shun Yu, Hong Mei Chen, Gang Feng

Abstract: Based on the CaCO3-B4C-C system to prepare calcium hexaboride (CaB6) powder, the influence of B4C size on the CaB6 powder was investigated...

Authors: Sung Sik Chang, Akira Sakai

Abstract: This paper reports the scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) studies of porous Zn (p- Zn) prepared...

Authors: Meng Kao Yeh, Bo Yi Chen, Nyan Hwa Tai, Chien Chao Chiu

Abstract: Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is widely used in many fields, because of its outstanding force measurement ability in nano scale. Some...

Authors: Marita Yusrini, Idris Yaacob Iskandar

Abstract: Nickel-Iron nanocrystalline alloys with different grain sizes were fabricated by electrodeposition technique. In this study, influence of...

Authors: Jeong Dai Jo, Kwang Young Kim, Eung Sug Lee, Masayoshi Esashi

Abstract: The flexible organic thin film transistor(OTFT) array to use as a switching device for an organic light emitting diode(OLED) was designed...

Authors: Suk Hoon Jeong, Heon Deok Seo, Boum Young Park, Jae Hong Park, Sung Min Park, Sang Chul Kim, Kee Ho Kim, Hae Do Jeong

Abstract: As copper technology moves from pilot to volume manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication is focused on methods to improve device yield. In...

Authors: Shin Hur, Wan Doo Kim

Abstract: The structure and morphology of the electrospun nanofiber depend on the parameters such as the physical properties of polymer, the applied...

Authors: Sung Sik Chang, Hye Jeong Park, Akira Sakai

Abstract: The spark processing of metallic Sn yields a powder, which is a mixture of nanosize Sn and crystalline SnO2. This paper reports the...


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