Bioceramics 19

Volumes 330-332

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Timur R. Tadjiev, Sung Su Chun, Hong Mi Kim, Inn Kyu Kang, Suk Young Kim

Abstract: Bioresorbable calcium metaphosphate (CMP) nanofibers were produced by an electrospinning technique. In order to produce the nanofibers, CMP...

Authors: W. Zhou, Sheng Min Zhang, W. Hu, Z.Y. Qiu, Y.H. Liu

Abstract: In our previous work the nano-sized hydroxyapatite (nano-HAP) with uniform morphology has been firstly synthesized by a wet chemical method...

Authors: Y.L. Su, Zheng Yi Fu, Wei Min Wang, Hang Wang, Yu Cheng Wang, Jin Yong Zhang, P.Y. Ma

Abstract: Radix salvia miltiorrhiza is a commonly used herbal medicine in China, and tanshinone IIA is one of the major active ingredients. Nano...

Authors: Sheng Min Zhang, W. Hu, W. Zhou, J. Li, Y.H. Liu, Z.Y. Qiu

Abstract: Nano-sized zinc-substituted hydroxyapatite (nano-ZnHA) has stimulatory effect on bone formation and inhibitory effect on osteoclastic bone...

Authors: Li Li Pan, Yan Bao Li, Chao Zou, Wen Jian Weng, Kui Cheng, Chen Lu Song, Pi Yi Du, Gao Ling Zhao, Ge Shen, Jian Xun Wang, Gao Rong Han

Abstract: Stearic acid was utilized to modify biphasic alpha-tricalcium phosphate (α-TCP)/hydroxyapatite (HA) powders in the ethanol. The results...

Authors: Dong Seok Seo, Hwan Kim, Kyu Hong Hwang, Jong Kook Lee

Abstract: The aim of this study was to prepare dense hydroxyapatite (HA) by microwave sintering and to evaluate the dissolution behavior in distilled...

Authors: P. Hou, J. Sun, S.B. Zhou, Jie Weng

Abstract: Magnetic nano-particles of around 20nm synthesized by poly-ethylene glycol (PEG) and sodium oleate mediated approach show well stability...

Authors: B. Li, Xin Long Wang, B. Guo, Yu Mei Xiao, Hong Song Fan, Xing Dong Zhang

Abstract: The aim of this study is to prepare nano hydroxyapatite powder. Hydroxyapatite powder was prepared via co-precipitated method with the...

Authors: Hajime Ohsawa, Atsuo Ito, Yu Sogo, Atsushi Yamazaki, Tadao Ohno

Abstract: Highly disgregated dicalcium phosphate anhydrate (DCP) nanoparticles 240-367 nm in diameter were synthesized by a reaction between calcium...

Authors: A. Yovana Pataquiva Mateus, M.P. Ferraz, F.J. Monteiro

Abstract: This study concerns the preparation and characterisation of microspheres associating alginate and two different types of hydroxyapatite...


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