Bioceramics 19

Volumes 330-332

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Min Wang, Xu Dong Li, Gui Qiu Zheng, Xiao Liang Wang, Xing Dong Zhang, Zhong Wei Gu

Abstract: Poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) was introduced during in situ synthesis of hydroxyapatite (HA) in neutral collagen (COL) solution and final...

Authors: Xiao Xiao Cai, Ping Gong, Yi Man, Zhi Qing Chen, Gang He

Abstract: This research was aimed at the construction and characterization of nano-FHA bioceramic coating on titanium surface. Nano-FHA coating was...

Authors: Giuseppe Pezzotti, Kiyotaka Yamada, S. Shiroyama, Masahiro Nawa

Abstract: Zirconia ceramics were introduced in the seventhies for use as structural biomaterials after laboratory tests and simulator studies....

Authors: Jing Wang, Mu Qin Li, Xiang Cai Meng, Guang Wu Wen

Abstract: A composite of needle-like nano-Hydroxyapatite / silk fibroin (n-HA/SF) with strong interfacial bonding was successfully prepared from...

Authors: Biao Cui, Lie Feng Liang, Xiao Ying Lu, Jie Weng

Abstract: In the present study, hydroxyapatite (HA) /silk fibroin (SF) nanocomposite containing 40 wt % of SF, was synthesized in an aqueous solution...

Authors: Xiao Yan Lin, Xu Dong Li, Xing Dong Zhang

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite/collagen composites were prepared in-situ synthesis. The composites were finally achieved by dehydration including...

Authors: Seiji Ban, Hideo Sato, Y. Suehiro, H. Nakanishi, Masahiro Nawa

Abstract: The effect of sandblasting and heat treatment on biaxial flexure strengths of the zirconia/alumina nanocomposite stabilized with cerium...

Authors: Bao Qiang Li, De Chang Jia, Yu Zhou, Qiao Ling Hu, Wei Cai

Abstract: Magnetic hydroxyapatite/chitosan nanocomposites were prepared via in situ hybridization strategy in the ambient condition. Magnetic...

Authors: M. Park, H. Kim, Jin Woo Lee, Kang Yong Lee, Hyun Min Kim, S.H. Moon, H.M. Lee

Abstract: Thick coatings of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-calcium phosphate nano-composite were prepared by a biomimetic process, in which...

Authors: Hua Nan Wang, Yu Bao Li, Yi Zuo, Lin Cheng, Yuan Yuan Wang, Hong Li

Abstract: Nano-hydroxyapatite/polyamide66 (n-HA/PA66) composite scaffolds are prepared using phase separation and phase separation in combination...


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