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Authors: Dong Woo Lee, Seok Swoo Cho, Won Sik Joo
Abstract:A roller mill is composed of several rollers, rotational table liners, hydraulic cylinders and raw materials are ground between the rollers...
Authors: Ji Hyun Yoon, Eui Pak Yoon, Bong Sang Lee
Abstract:The present work is a further investigation into the effects of the carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and niobium (Nb) contents on then fracture...
Authors: Ja Min Koo, Sung Yong Kim, Kee Sam Shin, Yeon Gil Jung, Sung Kang Hur
Abstract:P92 steels as well as P91 are widely used as boiler tube materials of ultra super critical (USC) power plants these days. And thus...
Authors: Kenji Machida, Takanori Ueno
Abstract:We developed the 3-D local hybrid method to evaluate the 3-D stress field inside the specimen from displacement data on the free surface...
Authors: Chul Su Kim, Jung Kyu Kim
Abstract:The transverse crack, which is the most dangerous damage among the various types of rail defects, is developed from shelling near the rail...
Authors: Fei Yi Hung, Truan Sheng Lui, Li Hui Chen, Nien Ting He
Authors: Kwang Ho Lee, Gap Su Ban
Abstract:Stress and displacement fields for a transient crack tip propagating along gradient in functionally graded materials (FGMs) with an...
Authors: Seong Min Lee
Abstract:Semiconductor devices are usually formed on a single silicon wafer during a batch processing method. Individual devices are separated from...
Authors: Byoung Ho Choi, Alexander Chudnovsky
Abstract:For explaining the SCG behavior of polyethylene, the crack layer theory is applied based on the description of two driving forces: crack and...
Authors: Alexander Chudnovsky
Abstract:The process zone (PZ) that surrounds and precedes a crack is a common feature of fracture in engineering polymers. Depending on the...
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