Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VI

Volumes 348-349

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Apicella, Enrico Armentani, Renato Esposito, Michele Pirozzi

Abstract: Reducing structural weight is one of the major ways to improve aircraft performance. Lighter and/or stronger materials allow greater range...

Authors: David Taylor

Abstract: A few years ago we showed that the Theory of Critical Distances (TCD) and the Crack Modelling Method (CMM) could be used to predict the...

Authors: M. Neil James, Hannalie Lombard, D.G. Hattingh, Axel Steuwer

Abstract: This paper presents some ideas on incorporating output from advanced synchrotron and neutron scanning strain methods in improved assessment...

Authors: C.M. Sonsino, D. Radaj, W. Fricke

Abstract: Some recently developed variants of local concepts for assessing the fatigue strength and structural durability of welded joints are...

Authors: Angelo Mazzù

Abstract: Wear and rolling contact fatigue interaction in rolling/sliding contact is an important topic in the research on structural integrity of...

Authors: Smiljko Rudan, Stipe Tomašević, Ivo Senjanović

Abstract: Structural details of ship structures are prone to fatigue damage mainly due to high-cycle wave load and low-cycle cargo loading/unloading....

Authors: Alexandre Casaril, Eduardo Rovaris Gomes, Marcos Roberto Soares, Hazim Ali Al-Qureshi

Abstract: This work presents the investigation of the mechanical behavior of composite materials strengthened with short fibers and particles. A...

Authors: Daniel Bremberg, Guido Dhondt

Abstract: In the present paper, a new method for inserting cracks with out-of-plane features is presented. Starting point is an arbitrary reference...

Authors: Henning Schütte, Kianoush Molla-Abbasi

Abstract: The aim of the presentation is to highlight the influence of the kink, developing at the beginning of mixed-mode crack growth, on the...

Authors: Marc François

Abstract: Due to their microstructure, quasi brittle materials present rough cracks. Under sliding of the crack lips, this roughness involves in one...


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