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Authors: Roberto G. Citarella, M. Lepore, A. Apicella, C. Calì
Abstract:A special specimen was created cutting a rectangular notched area from the surrounding of the upper left corner of a wide body aircraft...
Authors: Zai Tie Chen, Qing Wen Ren
Abstract:In order to overcome the weakness in traditional high arch dam safety evaluation without considering the randomness, failure mode and risk...
Authors: Zai Tie Chen, Qing Wen Ren
Abstract:It is proposed to make use of dam risk rate, economic loss risk value and life loss risk value in evaluating the risk of high arch dam. The...
Authors: Jong Woong Lee, Cheol Won Kong, Se Won Eun, Jae Sung Park, Young Soon Jang, Yeong Moo Yi, Gwang Rae Cho
Abstract:Composite materials are used in aerospace structures due to their considerable bending stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio. A composite...
Authors: Yong Hui Xie, Di Zhang, Zhen Ping Feng
Abstract:Forced vibration and liquid corrosion are important reasons for last stage blade failure in steam turbine. In order to improve reliability...
Authors: S.H. Yoo, S.W. Shin
Abstract:The distribution of stress in a nonrectangular compressed area, such as a section under a biaxial moment, is different than that of a...
Authors: S.H. Yoo, S.W. Shin, I.K. Kim
Abstract:Spalling is defined as damages to concrete exposed to high temperature during fire, causing cracks and localized bursting of small pieces of...
Authors: Marko Knez, Srečko Glodež, Janez Kramberger
Abstract:The present paper deals with the research on the crack growth in a bolt connection of a lug for crane counter weight bars. Counter weight...
Authors: Meinhard Kuna
Abstract:A review is given about FEM-techniques to compute the coupled electromechanical boundary value problem of cracks in piezoelectric structures...
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