Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VI

Volumes 348-349

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nobusuke Hattori, Shinichi Nishida, H. Igawa

Abstract: In this research, the authors have tried to decrease the weight of circular-digging large size bucket as far as possible with keeping the...

Authors: Michal Kotoul, Tomáš Profant, Oldřich Ševeček, Martin Krejcir

Abstract: The increasing use of fibre-reinforced composites in high performance structures has brought a renewed interest in the analysis of cracks,...

Authors: Jesús Toribio, B. Gonzáles, Juan Carlos Matos, F.J. Ayaso

Abstract: This paper analyzes how the cold drawing process influences the fatigue behaviour of eutectoid steel, with special emphasis on the role of...

Authors: Jorge Alfaiate, Thiago Domingues

Abstract: In this paper, a numerical simulation is presented on the behavior of concrete beams, reinforced with pre-stressed CFRP. The numerical...

Authors: Roki Potočnik, Jože Flašker, Bostjan Zafošnik, Srečko Glodež

Abstract: A two-dimensional numerical model is used to describe the crack path in the lubricated rolling-sliding contact problems. The model assumes...

Authors: Joseph Pastor, Philippe Thoré, Cédric Vandenbussche

Abstract: In this talk we analyze the yield criterion of a porous material containing cylindrical and spherical cavities on the basis of the Gurson...

Authors: Ales Belsak, Jože Flašker

Abstract: Problems concerning gear unit operation can result from various typical damages and faults. A crack in the tooth root, which often leads to...

Authors: C. Casavola, C. Pappalettere

Abstract: The fatigue strength of real welded structures neither can be covered by formulae or theoretical arguments, nor simply deducted by studying...

Authors: Jin San Ju, Xiu Gen Jiang, Xiang Rong Fu

Abstract: This paper primarily presents the development and application of automation computational analysis techniques to determine the dynamic...

Authors: Kamran M. Nikbin

Abstract: Modelling of Creep Crack Growth (CCG) using analytical and numerical methods is relevant to life assessment procedures of components...


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