Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ding Fei Zhang, Rong Shen Liu, Jian Peng, Wei Yuang, Hong Ju Zhang

Abstract: With different heat treatment, the microstructure and mechanical properties of ZK60 magnesium alloy were investigated. It can be concluded...

Authors: Wei Hui Hu, Tian Mo Liu, Qing Liu

Abstract: The AZ31 Mg alloy was upseted from 250°C to 500°C. In optical microscopy, as the temperature increases, the volume fraction of deformation...

Authors: Yun Huang, Z. Huang, Q.S. Xu, W. Zhou

Abstract: This paper describes abrasive belt grinding experiment method and studies grinding force alternation regular pattern and feature in the...

Authors: Xi Yan Zhang, Chong Jia, Xin Chun Zhao, Zhi Nong Liu, Jin Yi

Abstract: The microstructure characteristic and wear behavior of the severe deformation surface constitution of Ti-4Al-2V alloy were studied in this...

Authors: Chao Hui Zhang, Jian Bin Luo, Qiu Ying Chang

Abstract: Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) is a widely used technique to achieve high level of global and local planarity required in modern...

Authors: Fei Wang, Xue Zeng Zhao

Abstract: The cantilevers of atomic force microscope (AFM) are mounted under a certain tilt angle, which is commonly assumed to have negligible...

Authors: Bing Cheng Wang, Chang Jing, Zhao Hui Ren, Nai Hui Song

Abstract: This paper makes decomposition of the profile curve of rifle worn marks by the wavelet transform, which can make its complicated structure...

Authors: Chang Jing, Bing Cheng Wang, Zhao Hui Ren, Tao Yu, Nai Hui Song

Abstract: In this paper, the theory of fractal geometry was used to study the barrel-rifle surface topography and correlation dimension method was...

Authors: Bang Chun Wen, Zhao Hui Ren, Qing Kai Han, Xiao Peng Li, Ju Quan Mao

Abstract: This paper presents mainly the nonlinear dynamics of the mechanical system with sectional frictions and combination friction coefficients....

Authors: Bang Chun Wen, He Li, Zhao Hui Ren, Qing Kai Han, Jie Liu

Abstract: This paper mainly focus on vibration friction and discuss the dynamic characteristics of the friction under the vibration working...


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