Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yeong Sik Kim, Kyun Tak Kim, Byung Tak Kim, Jong Il Bae

Abstract: In this study, microstructure and wear behavior of thermally sprayed Fe-based alloy coatings were investigated. Fe-based alloy coatings...

Authors: Yan Qiu Xia, Shinya Sasaki, Takashi Murakami, Miki Nakano

Abstract: The friction and wear properties of phosphor bronze discs sliding against SAE52100 steel balls were evaluated using an Optimol SRV...

Authors: Shunsuke Kataoka, Chu Sakae, Masanobu Kubota, Yoshiyuki Kondo

Abstract: The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of stress relief groove on fretting fatigue strength. Fretting fatigue tests and...

Authors: Shi Rong Ge, Chuan Hui Huang

Abstract: The fatigue wear behavior of PA1010 composites filled with metal oxide particles was experimentally investigated. The nylon composites were...

Authors: Hai Yang Yu, Zhen Sun, Hua Zhao, Min Hao Zhu

Abstract: In the subsurface damage observations on the wear behavior of brittle dental porcelains, it still remains unsolved that how to distinguish...

Authors: Min Hao Zhu, Zhong Rong Zhou

Abstract: A complex relative motion of fretting combined by dual motions of radial and tangential fretting was achieved on a modified fretting...

Authors: Hai Yang Yu, Shan Shan Gao, Zhen Bing Cai, Min Wang, Xin Min Chen, Min Hao Zhu

Abstract: Under imitating human physiological solution, the fretting behaviors of flat cortical bone specimen from fresh human femur in the axial...

Authors: Zhen Bing Cai, Min Hao Zhu, Xiu Zhou Lin, Ji Liang Mo, Zhong Rong Zhou

Abstract: Nickel base Ni60 and cobalt base Co-Cr-W coatings were prepared on substrate of refractory alloy steel 4Cr14NiW2Mo by laser-cladding...

Authors: Toshio Hattori, Naoya Nishimura, Minoru Yamashita

Abstract: In this paper we present the estimation methods of fretting wear process and fretting fatigue life using this wear process. Firstly the...

Authors: Yu Sheng Cui, Liang Zhen, Y. Wang, Wen Zhu Shao, V.V. Ivanov

Abstract: CP-Nb-Cr/Cu-Cd electrical contact material, which contains 1.7wt.% of Cd, 0.5wt.% of CP (man-made diamond particles), 2.0 wt.% of Nb and...


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