Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fan Fei Zeng, Li Sha Niu, Hui Ji Shi

Abstract: This work has investigated the effect of spherical dent on rolling contact fatigue (RCF). A 3-D finite element simulation model of bearing...

Authors: Hong Jun Yu, Li Cheng Guo, Lin Zhi Wu

Abstract: Functionally graded materials (FGMs) with continuous varying properties have absorbed great attention for the purpose of eliminating the...

Authors: Yuji Nakasone, Takeshi Yokoi, Yasunao Sato

Abstract: The present paper describes the FEM code the present authors have developed based on the theory of the polycrystal plasticity with...

Authors: Hyeon Chang Choi, Hyeon Ki Choi, Jun Hyub Park

Abstract: The cyclic crack tip opening displacement is well related to fatigue crack opening behavior. In this paper, we investigate the effect of...

Authors: De Sheng Lu, Yu Zhou, Bei Wang, Yu Jin Wang, Jia Hu Ouyang, Hua Ke

Abstract: For the purpose of studying material cluster design and shape design of a certain arc-shaped thermal-protection component rationally, the...

Authors: Peng Shao, Yong Nian He, Li Fen Zhou, Qing Feng Zhang

Abstract: Rock is a kind of complex and high-disordered geological material, its damage and fracture process usually shows obvious criticality. In...

Authors: Peng Shao, Dong Quan Wang, Chun Rong Liu, Yu Xiao Zhu

Abstract: Explosive lining is a new method to construct underground space in soil. By making the most of compressibility of soil and thixotropy of...

Authors: He Hui Wang, Meng Xi Hu, Yi Fan Chen, Dong Liang Wang, Ke Di Xie

Abstract: Modes I and II stress intensity factors are analyzed by means of a variational boundary integral method (VBIM) for slant surface-breaking...

Authors: X.B. Wang

Abstract: Effects of joint width (JW) on the macroscopic stress-strain curve, the failure process and mode of jointed rock specimen (JRS) in plane...

Authors: X.B. Wang

Abstract: The failure process of heterogeneous rock specimen with initially random material imperfections in uniaxial plane strain compression and...


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