Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sang Tae Kim, Seong Soo Jang

Abstract: A new method of parameter determination in the fatigue residual strength degradation model is proposed. The new method and minimization...

Authors: Zhi Yuan Rui, Chun Peng Lu, Emin Li, Wu Yin Jin

Abstract: By the test of rotational bending for bar of 45 steel with V notch in low cycle fatigue, the bar’s fatigue life is studied under...

Authors: X.J. Yu, Zhen Fang, Shan Yong Wang, Yun Yan, Jian Hua Yin

Abstract: An Elastic Plastic-Damage (EPD) model is developed to model the softening behaviour of the cement-soil admixture based on continuous damage...

Authors: Tian Hu He, Li Cao

Abstract: Based on the Lord and Shulman generalized thermo-elastic theory, the dynamic thermal and elastic responses of a piezoelectric rod fixed at...

Authors: Tian Hu He, You He Zhou

Abstract: two-dimensional problem in electromagneto-thermoelasticity for a thermally and electrically conducting half-space solid whose surface is...

Authors: Hao Zhu, Liang Zhu, Jian Hong Chen

Abstract: In order to study the damage mechanism under different stress states of aluminum alloy components, two kinds of representative triaxial...

Authors: Jing Ning Yang, Yong Gang Zhao, Ping Qiu, Cai Xue Liu

Abstract: Geometrically nonlinear bending and buckling of circular sandwich plates subjected to transversely non-uniform temperature rise is...

Authors: Yan Hai Xu, Hao Li, Li Guo

Abstract: The influences of crystallographic and geometric parameters such as grain misorientation on the performance of short cracks are illustrated...

Authors: Tetsuo Takayama, Mitsugu Todo, Kazuo Arakawa

Abstract: PLA/PCL and PLA/PCL/LTI blends were developed to improve the fracture properties of biodegradable PLA. LTI was blended to improve the...

Authors: Wei Zhong Ren, Hao Chen, Yong Gang Wang, Feng Chen

Abstract: Biaxial compression model tests on rockmass containing intermittent joints under plane stress condition were carried out in this study,...


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