Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Jun Shen, Shao Pu Yang, Hai Jun Xing, Xi Ying Wang

Abstract: This paper is focused on the nonlinear dynamics of a spur gear pair with slight wear fault, where the backlash, time-varying stiffness and...

Authors: P. Lin, R.K. Wang, W.Y. Zhou, Q. Yang

Abstract: In this paper, failure behavior of basalt specimen containing 3D-flaw with different angles is investigated under triaxial compression. The...

Authors: Yan Ping Zeng, Hong Mei Fan, Xi Shu Wang, Xi Shan Xie

Abstract: Specially designed SEM in-situ tensile and fatigue tests have been conducted to trace the entire process of crack initiation and...

Authors: Song Hua Tang, Ying She Luo, Ming Zhe Ning, Zhi Chao Wang

Abstract: In fire resistant design traditional method based on experiment is being replaced by method based on this paper Damage...

Authors: Y.B. Chen, J.G. Han, D.Q. Yang

Abstract: Structural operating conditions may significantly differ from those applied during laboratory tests where the structure is well known, well...

Authors: Usik Lee, Deokki Youn, Sang Kwon Lee

Abstract: A new continuum damage theory (CDT) has been proposed by Lee et al. (1997) based on the SEEP. The CDT has the apparent advantage over the...

Authors: Xiao Jun Wang, Kun Wu, Ming Yi Zheng, Hai Feng Zhang, Wen Xian Huang, Xiao Shi Hu

Abstract: The fracture mechanisms of SiCp/AZ91 composites were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). For the as-cast composites, the...

Authors: Kenichi Shimizu, Tashiyuki Torii, J. Nyuya, Y. Ma

Abstract: Fatigue crack bending and propagation behaviors were studied under mixed-mode conditions using annealed and fatigue slant precracks. The...

Authors: Ji Woong Kang, Oh Heon Kwon

Abstract: Fiber reinforced metal matrix composites (MMCs) are recently used in automobile, ship, aerospace and manufacturing industry because they...

Authors: K. Komano, Sotomi Ishihara, A.J. McEvily, H. Shibata

Abstract: Fatigue tests were performed in laboratory air using extruded Ti-6Al-4V to determine the effect of microstructure on S-N curve, and the...


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