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Authors: Sang Ho Rhee, Jeong Ki Lee, Jung Ju Lee
Abstract:The group velocity of the S0 mode of a Lamb wave under the first cut-off frequency is measured during the tensile loading for the...
Authors: Wen Zhe Chen, Kai Ping Peng, Kuang Wu Qian
Abstract:Mechanical properties of the TiAl alloy produced by centrifugal spray deposition (CSD), compared to that produced by ingot metallurgy (IM),...
Authors: Zhi Ming Wang, Hao Ran Geng, Jin Feng Li, Xin Ying Teng
Authors: Xiao Yun Zhang, Yan Song Zhang, Guan Long Chen
Abstract:Dual-phase steel is a mixture of ferrite matrix and martensitic islands distributed at grain boundaries with the possible addition of...
Authors: Xin Min Fan, Yan Jiao Ji, Jie Wen Huang
Abstract:Nanostructure surface layer was fabricated on a low carbon steel cylinder specimen by means of circulation rolling plastic deformation...
Authors: Zhong Kui Zhao, Tie Tao Zhou, Pei Ying Liu, Chang Qi Chen
Abstract:1.1%Li was added to 7075 alloys to obtain the Li-containing Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys. The microstructure and hardness of the alloys are...
Authors: N.K. Park, Jeong Joo Kim, Young Suck Chai, H.S. Lee
Abstract:Inconel 690 alloy is a Ni-Cr-Fe austenite solid solution alloy with a wide range of applications such as steam generator tubes in nuclear...
Authors: Yan Gai Liu, Zhao Hui Huang, Hao Ding, Ming Hao Fang, Shou Mei Xiong
Abstract:High pressure die casting is the most common method in making magnesium alloys for both auto parts and 3C products. Pressure variations in...
Authors: Xu Dong Ren, Yong Kang Zhang, Jian Zhong Zhou, Yong Yu Gu, Y.Y. Xu, Xing Quan Zhang
Abstract:Laser shock processing (LSP) employs high-energy laser pulses from a solid-state laser system to create intense shock waves into a material,...
Authors: Zhi Yu Xiao, Jun Wang, Shu Hua Luo, Li Pin Wen, Yuan Yuan Li
Abstract:Warm compacting and sintering behaviors of pre-mixed Fe-2Ni-2Cu-1Mo-1C powders were studied. Results showed that green density increased...
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