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Authors: Zhi Hua Yang, Yu Zhou, De Chang Jia, Qing Chang Meng, Chang Qing Yu
Abstract:Amorphous Si-B-C-N ceramics obtained by high energy ball milling and hot pressing using hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), graphite (C) and...
Authors: Jun Tao Hou, Sheng Ru Qiao, Guo Feng Lu, Cheng Yu Zhang, Yue Bing Zhang
Abstract:By means of forced non-resonance under 3-point bending method, the internal frictions of 2D-C/SiC composites are carried out from 25°C to...
Authors: Rong Feng Liu, Byeung Gun Nam, Katsuhiko Watanabe
Abstract:An electrical nonlinear constitutive model for piezoelectric material is studied in this paper. Electric yielding criterion and yielding...
Authors: Li Juan Zhou, Yong Ting Zheng, Shan Yi Du
Abstract:AlN-SiC-TiB2 ceramics were synthesized by self-propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS) and hot isostatic pressing (HIP) methods. The...
Authors: Gui Gen Wang, Ming Fu Zhang, Hong Bo Zuo, Xiao Dong He, Jie Cai Han, Grigoryan Benik, Cheng Hai Xu, Tai Yao
Abstract:The large-sized sapphire (Ø225×205 mm, 27.5 kg) was grown successfully by SAPMAC method (sapphire growth technique with micro-pulling and...
Authors: Chun Feng Liu, Feng Ye, Yu Zhou
Abstract:Ytterbia and Lutecia were adopted to stabilize α-sialon ceramics during a two-step hot press sintering, respectively. Although Yb3+ and Lu3+...
Authors: Li Zhong Zhou, De Chang Jia
Abstract:In this paper, nano-silica particles were incorporated to a fused silica-boron nitride dual phase ceramics originally using micrometer sized...
Authors: Xiao Ming Duan, Yu Zhou, De Chang Jia, Dong Liang Wang
Abstract:ZrO2(3Y) ceramics were sintered by vacuum hot-pressing and impacted by split Hopkinson method. The microstructure of the materials was...
Authors: Ming Tsung Weng, Wen Cheng J. Wei, Chi Yuen Huang
Abstract:Al2O3 composites with different volume fractions of 3Y-TZP (3 mol% yttria-doped tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline) were prepared by using...
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