Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: He Yu, Shou Ju Li, Ying Xi Liu

Abstract: Owing to localized heating by the welding process and subsequent rapid cooling, the residual stresses can arise in the weld itself and in...

Authors: Cheng Jin, Ji Tai Niu, Shi Yu He, Hong Bin Geng

Abstract: This paper investigates the mechanical performance deterioration of aluminum alloy welded joints under thermal cycling condition. The...

Authors: Yan Hong Wei, Yan Li Xu, Zhi Bo Dong, Ji Lin Xiao

Abstract: The stainless steel SUS316 grain growth process in heat affected zone (HAZ) of gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process is studied with...

Authors: Guo Shun Ji, Wen Wang, Yan Jun Huang, Zi Chen Chen

Abstract: The leather is cut by hand or by hand with some help of semiautomatic machine in general leather cutting technology. In order to enhance...

Authors: Wurikaixi Aiyiti, Wan Hua Zhao, Yi Ping Tang, Bing Heng Lu

Abstract: A direct metal RP (rapid prototyping) process based on micro-plasma arc welding (MPAW) is presented. The impact of R (ratio of width to...

Authors: Yasuhiro Yamazaki, T. Kinebuchi, H. Fukanuma, N. Ohno, K. Kaise

Abstract: Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs), that reduce the temperature in the underlying substrate material, are an essential requirement for the hot...

Authors: Peng He, Duo Liu

Abstract: Distributions of residual stress in diffusion bonding of dissimilar materials intermetallics TiAl to steel 40Cr were simulated by FEM...

Authors: Fu Zhen Xuan, Bo Zhang, Shan Tung Tu

Abstract: An interfacial resistance measuring method was proposed to evaluate the quality of diffusion bonded joints. To study the feasibility of the...

Authors: Xi Tao Zheng, Qin Sun, Ying Nan Guo, Ya Nan Chai

Abstract: Load response and failure modes of three-dimensional (3-d) four-directional braided composite lugs were studied analytically and...

Authors: Hyung Yil Lee, Jin Haeng Lee, Tae Hyung Kim

Abstract: For accurate failure assessment, a second parameter like T-stress describing the constraint is needed in addition to the single parameter...


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