Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Ze Tang, Xin Xin Ma, Ming Ren Sun

Abstract: Fluorinated amorphous carbon films (a-C:H:F) were deposited by plasma source ion implantation (PSII) with precursor gas of CH2FCF3 + C2H2 +...

Authors: Xue Song Han

Abstract: Exit fracture, the main factor influencing the precision of workpiece, has already been extensively studied. In the case of nanometric...

Authors: Ping Ze Zhang, Zhong Xu, Gao Hui Zhang, Zhi Yong He, Hong Yan Wu, Zheng Jun Yao

Abstract: Conventional titanium alloy may be ignited and burnt under high temperature, high pressure and high gas flow velocity condition. In order...

Authors: Kentaro Kozuki, Masaki Omiya, Kikuo Kishimoto, Hirotsugu Inoue

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to evaluate the cyclic interfacial strength between thin film and its substrate by cyclic nano-indentation tests....

Authors: Xiu Chun Wang, Mu Sen Li, Xi Qing Pan, Xiu Xin Wang, Xiao Jun Li

Abstract: This paper dealt with an environment protective phosphating with hydroxylamine sulphate as main accelerant. There were no nickel ion,...

Authors: Shu Yan Xu, Xin Xin Ma, Ming Ren Sun

Abstract: BCN films were prepared with unbalanced magnetron sputtering boron carbide film followed by nitrogen plasma-based ion implantation at...

Authors: Xiao Ping Liu, Wen Huai Tian, Chao Li Guo, Dong Dong Chen, Zhi Yong He, Zhong Xu

Abstract: In this study, plasma niobium alloying of the TiAl based alloys has been carried out at 1050, 1100 and 1150°C. The effect of the alloying...

Authors: Li Sha Niu, Ting Ting Dai

Abstract: A 2-D Finite element simulation method was developed based on the kinetic law and the energy evolution during the whole process of...

Authors: Wu Tang, Long Jiang Deng, Ke Wei Xu, Jian Lu

Abstract: The crystal orientation, surface morphology, surface roughness and scratch properties of Au/NiCr/Ta multi-layered metallic films was...

Authors: Xiao Long Weng, Wu Tang, Yu Tao Wu, Long Jiang Deng

Abstract: Sn doped indium oxide (ITO) films were fabricated on polyethylene terephtalate (PET) substrate by magnetron sputtering at low deposition...


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