Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sun Yeong Choi, Young Hwan Choi

Abstract: The current in-service inspection (ISI) strategy for the nuclear piping in many countries consists of both the code requirements such as...

Authors: Shu Jie Li, Xiao Kun Yuan, Ting Zhang, Yang Wu Mao, Lian Sheng Yan

Abstract: In order to contribute to the development of the joining technique of Cf/SiC, joining of SiC ceramic to high strength graphite was...

Authors: Jiu Chun Yan, Yi Nan Li, Wei Wei Zhao, Shi Qin Yang

Abstract: The welding temperature patterns of gas tungsten arc welding for copper thick plates during Ar, He or N2 shielded arc welding were...

Authors: Tak Kee Lee, Chae Whan Rim, Dae Suk Han, B.H. Kim

Abstract: Vessels are rarely subjected to accidental loads such as the collision, grounding and stranding. But these accidental loads cause a lot of...

Authors: Kun Hong Hu, Xian Guo Hu, Xiao Jun Sun, He Feng Jing, Song Zhan

Abstract: Molybdenum sulfide nanoparticles were prepared via quick homogeneous precipitation method (QHPM) by the reaction between Na2MoO4 and...

Authors: Chun Cheng Zhu, Yan Hong, Jian Guang Zhang, Bai Bin Zhou

Abstract: Cr2O3 nano-powders were successfully fabricated with using chromium nitrate and aqueous ammonia as starting material and urea as dispersant...

Authors: Zhu Ju Wang, Wen Bo Han, Shu Qing Tao, Ying Wu

Abstract: Over the last 100 years innovative techniques in the fabrication of ceramics have led to their use as high-tech materials. Inert...

Authors: Wen Bo Han, Zhu Ju Wang

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite is a kind of ideal biomaterials for bone and teeth replacement, but its low strength and brittleness need to improve. As...

Authors: Xi Shu Wang, Bin Tang, Jun Chen

Abstract: We studied the effects of the Ca and Sr additions on the microstructure and the cracking process of magnesium alloys with in-situ scanning...

Authors: Zhi Hao Wang, Yong Xiang Leng, Nan Huang, Min Hao Zhu

Abstract: Titanium oxides films were deposited on tensile sample and vascular stents made of 316L stainless steel by unbalanced magnetron sputtering....


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