Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Yan Xing, Ri Xin Wang, Min Qiang Xu, Jia Zhong Zhang

Abstract: Crack growth rate, as an important parameter, is widely applied in crack growth evaluation and fatigue life prediction. The objective of...

Authors: Xin Min Lai, Xin Zhao, Yan Song Zhang, Guan Long Chen

Abstract: The current inspection methods of spot-weld quality are difficult to achieve an ideal result especially for the stick-weld defect which is...

Authors: Yong Kang Zhang, De Jun Kong, Jin Zhon Lu, Ai Xin Feng, Xu Dong Ren, Xing Quan Zhang

Abstract: Residual stresses of model S1100 of crankshaft chamfer were measured by the technology of XRD. The distributions of residual stresses under...

Authors: Xi De Li, Kai Wang

Abstract: Recently, quantitatively nondestructive testing (QNDT) is becoming an accepted concept in some industries and scientific research areas....

Authors: Qiang Yong Zhang, Wen Xiang, Xiao Jing Li

Abstract: The geological radar is an advanced non-destructive geophysical prospecting technology used in detecting the invisible and abnormal...

Authors: Zhi Hong Tan, Chun An Tang, Wan Cheng Zhu

Abstract: The changing behavior for infrared thermal image omen of the rock with fracture is essential for the geotechnical engineering. In order to...

Authors: Zhe Feng Yu, Zhi Chun Yang

Abstract: A new method for structural damage detection based on the Cross Correlation Function Amplitude Vector (CorV) of the measured vibration...

Authors: Zheng Zhao Liang, Chun An Tang, Leslie George Tham, Y.B. Zhang, T. Xu

Abstract: The investigation on the behavior of a specimen under uniaxial tension and the process of microfracture attracts considerable interest with...

Authors: Zi Chang Shangguan, Shou Ju Li, Mao Tian Luan

Abstract: The inverse problem of rock damage detection is formulated as an optimization problem, which is then solved by using artificial neural...

Authors: Xing Dong Zhao, Yuan Hui Li, Rui Fu Yuan

Abstract: AE technique is proved a efficient tool for real-time monitoring of the crack initiation and propagation during rock failure process under...


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