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Authors: Se Ho Choi, Ji Seong Hwang, Jong Woo Jun, Jin Yi Lee, Cheol Woong Kim
Abstract:Magnetic camera consists of magnetic source, arrayed small magnetic sensors, magnetic lens, analog-to-digital converter and interface,...
Authors: Jong Woo Jun, Ji Seong Hwang, Kee Joo Kim, Kazuhiro Ogawa, Jin Yi Lee
Abstract:The yoke type magnetization coil and cross type magnetizer as a magnetic source, which induce a static magnetic field on a specimen, have...
Authors: Jin Yi Lee, Jong Woo Jun, Ji Seong Hwang, Se Hoon Lee
Abstract:The magnetic field distribution around a crack can be calculated more easily and quickly by using a dipole model than finite element method...
Authors: S.K. Bidhar, Yutaka Watanabe, H. Tsukui, Tetsuya Uchimoto
Abstract:Series of slow strain rate tests (SSRT) were conducted on moderately sensitized austenitic stainless steel in diluted aqueous solution of...
Authors: Kuniaki Akahoshi, Kazuhiro Ogawa, Hideo Miura
Abstract:In order to assure the reliability of advanced gas turbine systems, it is very important to evaluate the damage of high temperature...
Authors: Yoshiaki Akiniwa, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, K. Tanaka
Abstract:Monotonic and cyclic loadings were subjected to electrodeposited copper foils (thickness is 8 and 20 μm), and the deformation behavior was...
Authors: Koichi Taniguchi, Manabu Enoki, Koichi Tomita
Abstract:AE method is a well-known technique for in-situ monitoring of damage behavior by attached piezoelectric transducer. However, this...
Authors: Sang Ll Lee, Jin Kyung Lee, Tae Soo An, Joon Hyun Lee, Jun Young Park
Abstract:This study dealt with the corrosion resistance for the carbon steels under a pressurized water atmosphere at the elevated temperature. The...
Authors: Sang Ll Lee, Jin Kyung Lee, Joon Hyun Lee
Abstract:The nuclear power plant has lots of pipes that the fluid of high temperature and high pressure flows. Among the pipe materials used at...
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