Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Kyung Lee, Sang Ll Lee, Joon Hyun Lee

Abstract: A study on corrosion evaluation by using ultrasonic waves and acoustic emission technique is presented. The experimental equipment was...

Authors: Jung Hun Choi, Jong Hyun Baek, Dae Jin Kim, Jae Mean Koo, Chang Sung Seok

Abstract: In case of large steel water pipe, it have been observed that its fracture mostly occurs due to the complicated outside fatigue load on the...

Authors: Nishida Masayuki, Hanabusa Takao, Yasukazu Ikeuchi

Abstract: X-ray stress measurement with sin2ψ method is one of useful tools to detect residual stresses in manufactured products. In this study, the...

Authors: Gao Ping Wang, Yong Hong, Dong Pyo Hong, Sung Mo Yang, Young Moon Kim

Abstract: Pieces of large-scale equipment such as a ball mill system are subjected to heavy and alternate loads under the worst working conditions,...

Authors: Yong Hong, Byung Jin Kim, Dong Pyo Hong, Young Moon Kim

Abstract: Beam structures are a common form in many large structures, and therefore the real-time condition monitoring and active control of beams...

Authors: Gao Ping Wang, Yong Hong, Jae Jung Lee, Dong Pyo Hong, Young Moon Kim, Jae Yeol Kim

Abstract: We present a study on the development of a practical and quantitative technique for the assessment of the structural health condition with...

Authors: Hiroyuki Kisu, Gui Ming Rong

Abstract: This paper will propose an identification algorithm for a small defect in the case of the bending problem of a beam. That is to say, the...

Authors: Gui Ming Rong, Hiroyuki Kisu

Abstract: This paper will report on the investigation results of the influence of observation errors on the identification of external loads in case...

Authors: Naoaki Noda, Chun Hui Xu

Abstract: In this study, a rectangular interfacial crack in three dimensional bimaterials is analyzed. First, the problem is formulated as a system...

Authors: Jian Feng Zhou, Bo Qin Gu

Abstract: The thermo-hydrodynamic effect in the spiral groove mechanical seal was investigated. The coupling analysis of the fluid film and the...


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