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Authors: He Li, Yi Min Zhang, Qiao Ling Liu, Zhao Hui Ren, Bang Chun Wen
Abstract:On the basis of the dynamic equations of the Jeffcott rotor-stator model with imbalance, the reliability of the rotor-stator systems with...
Authors: Yi Min Zhang, He Li, Qiao Ling Liu, Bang Chun Wen
Abstract:The failure analysis of uncertain multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) nonlinear vibration systems with uncorrelated failure modes subjected to...
Authors: Lei Zhang, Shi Hua Tang, Hong Liang Pan
Abstract:Hydrogen-induced corrosion is a common damage in petrochemical industry. It can rise crack and bubbling on the surface of metal materials...
Authors: Ru Wang, Chun An Tang, Shu Hong Wang, Zhi Yuan Wang, Tian Hui Ma
Abstract:A typical mechanical character of rock is that the tensile strength is far less than the compressive strength. Meanwhile, the test data of...
Authors: Hong Zhong Huang, Li Du, Qiang Miao, Zong Lai Wang, Q. Ma
Abstract:Since the number of fatigue crack propagation data is related to cost and time and the crack propagation data are generally finite, adopting...
Authors: Ouk Sub Lee, Dong Hyeok Kim
Abstract:The reliability estimation of pipeline is performed in accordance with the probabilistic methods such as the FORM (first order reliability...
Authors: R.K. Wang, P. Lin, W.Y. Zhou
Abstract:In this paper, by employing a three dimensional geomechanics model test whose scale is 1:250, the dam cracking process was observed, and...
Authors: Young Shin Lee, Ki Du Lee, Hyun Kyoon Lim
Abstract:With the increasing needs of the more convenient transportation, wheelchairs are often used by people with mobility disabilities and the...
Authors: Fang Juan Qi, Li Xing Huo, Ya Ping Ding, Zhan Lai Ding
Abstract:In recent years, several electronics manufacturers have been working toward introducing lead-free solder and halogen-free print circuit...
Authors: Jian Kang Chen, Min Qiang Jiang, Ding Yi Yang
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