Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Chun Choi, Jae Hoon Lee, Chang Hun Lee, Ki Hun Song, Yoon Suk Chang, Jae Boong Choi

Abstract: Goal setting safety legislation for high pressure systems was first introduced in 1973 and retained in the High Pressure Safety Management...

Authors: Da Peng Tan, Pei Yu Li, Xiao Hong Pan, Rui Zhi Ye

Abstract: Establishment of a reasonable expert system integrated developing environment (ES-IDE) is a critical factor for developing ES promptly and...

Authors: Pei Yu Li, Da Peng Tan, Tao Qing Zhou, Bo Yu Lin

Abstract: Aiming at some problems in the fields of industry monitoring technology (IMT) such as bad dynamic ability and poor versatility, this paper...

Authors: Yong Qing Ge, Li Qiang An, Zhang Qi Wang

Abstract: Stochastic finite element method and reliability technique are used to determine the safety degree of the turbine blade with parametric...

Authors: Chang Su Woo, Sung Seen Choi

Abstract: Rubber material properties and useful life evaluation are very important in design procedure to assure the safety and reliability of the...

Authors: Seon Jin Kim, Yu Sik Kong, Won Taek Jung, Jong Taek Yeom, Nho Kwang Park

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the high temperature creep life of Waspaloy using the Initial Strain Parameter Technique...

Authors: Takahiro Omori, Hirotsugu Inoue, Noriyasu Kawamura, Minoru Mukai, Kikuo Kishimoto, Takashi Kawakami

Abstract: A method to predict impact load caused by drop impact of thin cone-shaped structures is investigated. The Hertzian contact theory and the...

Authors: Ki Pyo You, Young Moon Kim, Cheol Min Yang, Dong Pyo Hong

Abstract: Wind-induced vibration of tall buildings have been of interest in engineering for a long time. Wind-induced vibration of a tall building...

Authors: Young Moon Kim, Nag Ho Ko, Cheol Min Yang, Ki Pyo You

Abstract: An appropriate choice of building shape and architectural modifications can result in the reduction of motion by altering the flow pattern...

Authors: Nag Ho Ko, Young Moon Kim, Ki Pyo You, Dong Pyo Hong

Abstract: The action of wind pressures is a major consideration in the design of cladding and its connections to building structures. Non-Gaussian...


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