Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Sheng Fu, Qing Ming Zhang

Abstract: With elastic theory and approximate calculation, the dynamic responses of elastic thin plates with four edges simply supported under blast...

Authors: Sung Cheol Yoon, Sang Hoon Chang, Jeong Guk Kim

Abstract: As the public application of the railway and the road increases, properly functioning and safe railway crossing between two means of...

Authors: T.Y. Zhang, Rui Chen Yang

Abstract: Distance evaluation and its improved algorithms using Vertical distance instead of Euclidean distance were discussed in engineering...

Authors: Zhi Xin Han, Shao Feng Wang, Jin Xia Du, Bing Liu

Abstract: Aiming at the concentric shaft of the abnormal cross-section where there are two types of the concave fillet and the convex fillet and...

Authors: Jeong Guk Kim, Sung Cheol Yoon, Sung Tae Kwon, Jung Won Seo, Kyung Taek Park

Abstract: In order to investigate performance characteristics of deteriorated subway rolling stocks, several engineering assessment methods, such as...

Authors: Lei Wang, Jia Li, Chen Gen Wang

Abstract: Based on neural networks, the present paper gives an engineering application of data mining. The back propagation (BP) neural network is...

Authors: Mei Wang, Mu Sen Li, Long Wei Yin, Yong Xin Qi, Bin Xu, Jian Hong Gong

Abstract: The metallic films covering diamond play a very important role in the course of diamond nucleation and growth from Fe-Ni-C system at...

Authors: Wei Ping Chen, Hong Chen, Tian Han, Xiao Wei Liu, Hong Yu Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a novel bulk micromachined gyroscope with the compensatory capacitance. Independent driving and sensing beams and a...

Authors: Jae Hoon Lee, Hyo Kim, Song Chun Choi

Abstract: The thickness of the process equipment increases in proportion to pressure for the methane hydrate transportation and storage. The pressure...

Authors: Chao He Chen

Abstract: Efficient methods are described here to predict the fatigue damage of ship structure due to nonlinear wave loads that are produced in...


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