Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Seok Young Han, M.S. Kim, S.H. Choi, J.Y. Park, Byung Ju Yi

Abstract: A material mixing method to obtain an optimal topology for a structure in a thermal environment was suggested. This method is based on...

Authors: Seok Young Han, J.Y. Park, Y.D. Kim, S.J. An, J.S. Maeng

Abstract: An active micro-mixer equipped with an oscillating stirrer is considered by analyzing the mixing behaviors, i.e. the effect of the Karman...

Authors: Seok Young Han, S.J. Yoon, S.R. Kim, J.Y. Park, Byung Ju Yi, S.J. Kim

Abstract: Sufficient workspace and high natural frequency of a micromanipulator are the fundamental requirements in its design. In this study, a...

Authors: Seok Young Han, S.J. Yoon, S.R. Kim, J.Y. Park, Byung Ju Yi, S.J. Kim

Abstract: The micromanipulator is basically required sufficient workspace and high natural frequency. However, previous designs are hard to satisfy...

Authors: S.H. Choi, M.S. Kim, J.S. Hwang, J.Y. Park, Seok Young Han

Abstract: Topology optimization of the inner reinforcement for a vehicle’s hood has been performed by evolutionary structural optimization (ESO)...

Authors: Ming Tu Ma, Xiao Feng Xiang, Zhi Gang Li, Hong Liang Yi, Hong Wu Bai, Hao Zhang

Abstract: The FEM was used to analyze the stress distribution of a motorcycle frame on the condition of normal running, starting up, turning and...

Authors: W.C. Lee, Chae Sil Kim, J.B. Na, D.H. Lee, S.Y. Cho, H.O. Choi, Jung I. Song

Abstract: Since most marine engines are generally very huge and heavy, it is required to keep safety from accidents in dealing them. Several types of...

Authors: Dal Woo Jung, Nak Sam Choi

Abstract: Fatigue fracture behavior of a hybrid joint part for the tilting car body was evaluated in comparison to the case of static fracture. The...

Authors: Seung Bum Kwak, Nak Sam Choi

Abstract: Coolant rubber hoses for automobile radiators under thermal and mechanical loadings can be degraded and thus failed due to the influences...

Authors: Zhao Zhang, Xi De Li, Wen Shen

Abstract: In this paper, a speckle microinterferometric system was employed to study the thermal deformation of the Cu microbridges with different...


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