Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Ling Liu, Wei Fang Zhang, Chun Hu Tao

Abstract: Twelve transmission shafts were developed unilateralism torsion fatigue tests. Macroscopic and microscopic fracture features of...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Du, Zhe He Yao, Zi Chen Chen

Abstract: Wavelet denoising method was introduced to improve the validity of identifying the guide rail irregularity in elevator. The horizontal...

Authors: Dae Seock Shin, Heung Shik Lee, Chong Du Cho, Jong Ho Shin

Abstract: An enhancement to pre & post processing techniques, which is encapsulated in ‘Tunnel Modelling Wizard (TMW)’ for three dimensional tunnel...

Authors: Jun Hyub Park, Sung Il Chu, Hyeon Chang Choi

Abstract: This paper represents the development of 3-axises loadcell for measuring the side-force of the suspension module of MPV (Multi Purposed...

Authors: Dong Ho Bae, Yeong Sin Kim, Gyu Young Lee

Abstract: In order to establish a reasonable and integrated fatigue design criterion for the long life design of the gas welded body structure,...

Authors: Dong Ho Bae, Sol Bin Lee, Sun Kyu Park

Abstract: In order to develop a fatigue design method for the actual railroad car body structures using the fatigue data on simulated single spot...

Authors: Yong Hong, Byeong Hee Han, Dong Pyo Hong, Sung Mo Yang, Young Moon Kim, Kyeong Suk Kim

Abstract: This paper describes a primary study for a new method of enhancing measurement with using an impedance analysis method that is applied to...

Authors: Yong Hong, Su Hyun Han, Jae Jung Lee, Dong Pyo Hong, Young Moon Kim

Abstract: In the study, the development of aerial platform truck of 42m boom system has been completed to be satisfied with working in much higher...

Authors: Byung Tak Kim, Seon Jin Kim, Sung Wi Koh, H.J. Kim

Abstract: In this study, finite element analyses for the mechanical behaviors of a power steering hose assembly during the swaging process were...

Authors: Haruo Sakamoto

Abstract: This paper describes codes and practice for designing welded structures such as railroad truck frames. For designing an initial...


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