Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Choon Yeol Lee, Il Sup Chung, Young Suck Chai

Abstract: A pressure plate, a component of the clutch system, was analyzed by two-dimensional and three-dimensional finite element method under three...

Authors: Zhe He Yao, Xin Li, Zi Chen Chen

Abstract: Self-chatter is a serious problem in cutting process. This paper aims to solve the problem by establishing time series model of vibration...

Authors: Hong Sheng Su, You Peng Zhang

Abstract: To improve the accuracy and overcome the flaws of single neural network, an integrated neural classifier for stream turbine vibration fault...

Authors: Yong Gang Zhao, Wei Dong Zhao, Shi Rong Li, Lian Sheng Ma

Abstract: Based on the von Kármán classical nonlinear plate theory, nonlinear axisymmetric vibrations of a clamped thin circular plate subjected to...

Authors: Fei Xu, Meng Hui Zhu, Zhong Bin Tang, Yu Long Li

Abstract: The mechanical properties of various parts of the welding-line material are different, while they play very important role in the welding...

Authors: Sung Cheol Yoon, Chang Sung Jeon, Jeong Guk Kim

Abstract: This paper describes a carbody structural analysis and the result of its loading test. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety...

Authors: Li Hong Chen, Jian Yang, You Ren Yuan, Tao Sun

Abstract: Linear and nonlinear shear strength models of rockfill, and the safety factor criterion of nonlinear shear strength were discussed in this...

Authors: Li Hong Chen, Xiao Guang Zhou, Yin Qi Wei

Abstract: The deformation and strength characteristic of rockfill is different when it is dry or wet. The wetting effects should be a major factor in...

Authors: Yeon Su Kim, Sung Hyuk Park, Rag Gyo Jeong, Jai Kyun Mok

Abstract: This study was aimed to verify the performance and stability of the 3rd rail type power collector for rubber-tired vehicles. Performance...

Authors: Ming Tu Ma, Zhi Gang Li, Hong Liang Yi, Hao Zhang

Abstract: The crankshafts of semi-finished products were manufactured by two processes: as-cast followed by normalizing and iron mould with sand...


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