Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K. Sasagawa, N. Yamaji, S. Fukushi

Abstract: As silicon ICs continue to scale down, several reliability issues have emerged. Electromigration- the transportation of metallic atoms by...

Authors: Masao Sakane, Kazuhiro Itoh, Yutaka Tsukada, Kenji Terada

Abstract: This paper studies the crack propagation at Sn37Pb-copper interface in push-pull low cycle fatigue. Bonded specimens of Sn37Pb and copper...

Authors: Han Ki Yoon, Yun Sik Yu

Abstract: ZnO is an n-type semiconductor having a hexagonal wurzite structure. ZnO exhibits good piezoelectric and optical properties, and might be a...

Authors: Yu Yong Jiao, Xiu Li Zhang, Shui Lin Wang, Huo Zhen Wu

Abstract: This study is to present a numerical investigation on fragmentation and perforation of concrete slab by hard projectile using discrete...

Authors: Xiu Feng, Bo Qin Gu

Abstract: In this paper, the fractal characterization of the sealing surface topography of metallic gaskets was studied. The influence of the...

Authors: Chun Xiang Xu, Li Ping Liang, Bin Feng Lu, Jin Shan Zhang, Wei Liang

Abstract: Al-Ti-C grain refiners have been prepared by combining self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) technique and melting-casting...

Authors: Hong Da Chen, Y.R. Feng, Chun Yong Huo, Tao Tian, Yang Li, Bang Sheng Dong, Xiao Dong He, Chen Wang, Jin Feng Li, Li Xia Zhu

Abstract: The cooling medium choice is restricted due to no detailed regulations for temperature control as the specimen with gaseous cooling medium...

Authors: Jian Jun Sun, Bo Qin Gu

Abstract: While the fact that abrasion leads to change of surface topography is taken into consideration, the influence of spring pressure both on...

Authors: Yuan Hua, Tai Quan Zhou, Guo Liang Dai

Abstract: The twin shear strength criterion has been proposed to consider the intermediate principal stress effect on the rock mass strength. The...

Authors: Li Li, Bin Xu, Mu Sen Li, Jian Hong Gong

Abstract: Large numbers of experimental results show that carbides Me3C (Me means Fe, Ni, Co, Mn) are the primary carbon source to form diamond...


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