Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Gui Zhang, Guo Wei Ma, T.Y. Khoon, N.P. Yi, H. Wu

Abstract: The stabilized soil is a reinforcement material being applied extensively to civil engineering and hydraulic engineering. At present,...

Authors: Kwang Joon Hong, Young Nam Chun, Bong Ju Lee

Abstract: We developed a device that makes possible the normal production of low-temperature plasma under atmospheric pressure. For plasma...

Authors: Kenji Machida, Shohei Miyagawa

Abstract: Recently, the influence of heat conduction has been considered to be a big problem. Then, the influence of heat conduction was investigated...

Authors: Kenji Machida, Kazuhiro Okazaki

Abstract: The displacement obtained from the experiment is including large error and it is impossible to evaluate the stress and the strain with high...

Authors: Naoaki Noda, Yasushi Takase, Ryohji Shirao, Jun Li, Jun Suke Sugimoto

Abstract: In this study, singular stress fields at the ends of fibers are discussed by the use of models of rectangular and cylindrical inclusions in...

Authors: Seiji Ioka, Keiji Masuda, Shiro Kubo

Abstract: Free-edge stress singularity usually prevails at the edge of the interface of the bonded dissimilar materials. When two materials are...

Authors: Young Shin Lee, Se Hoon Lee, Young Jin Choi, Je Wook Chae, Eui Jung Choi

Abstract: On the human-rifle system, the human body is affected by the firing impact. The firing impact will reduce the firing accuracy and change...

Authors: Yue Peng Song, Xiao Zhang, Guo Quan Liu

Abstract: The Jominy end-quench curves of non-alloyed and alloyed steels can be predicted by nonlinear equation method. Without considering the...

Authors: Qi Zhang, Yang Guang Chen, Li Sha Niu, Hui Ji Shi

Abstract: Flow-induced localized corrosion is regarded as one of the main degradation mechanisms of materials. As an initial step of the simulation...

Authors: Shinjiro Kawabe, Hidetoshi Sakamoto, Kazuo Satoh, Masahiro Himeno, Shigeru Itoh

Abstract: The high-speed fracture mechanics of glass bottles by using underwater shockwaves technique and its application for recycling system of...


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