Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XIV

Volumes 359-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yih Chih Chiou, Yu Teng Liang

Abstract: PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) multilayer coatings were extensively used in cutting tools because of their relatively high wear and...

Authors: Qing Kai Han, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: In grinding process, chatter vibrations known as self-excited vibrations, become increasingly problematic and must be avoided. Firstly,...

Authors: Xian Li Liu, Chun Ya Wu, Yi Zhi Liu, Fu Gang Yan, Yu Fu Li, Peng Wang

Abstract: Aiming at different grinding surfaces of hardened bearing steel GCr15, this paper made experimental research on detection method of surface...

Authors: Jun Feng Gong, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the 3D morphology of a grinding wheel was modeled by the depth from focus. Firstly, the picture information of different...

Authors: Bin Lin, Xin Yan Huang

Abstract: The topography of the grinding wheel has a profound effect in analysis and predicting the finished surface roughness. In this paper, the...

Authors: Jin Xie, Jia Long Guo, Jing Xu

Abstract: Evaluation and measurement of form errors distributed on 3D ground curved surface are proposed due to the difficulty of processing measured...

Authors: Wan Shan Wang, Tian Biao Yu, Xing Yu Jiang, Jian Yu Yang

Abstract: Remote control and fault diagnosis of ultrahigh speeding grinding is studied, which is based on the theory of rough set. Knowledge...

Authors: Ming Jun Chen, Qi Long Pang, Jing He Wang, Kai Cheng

Abstract: 3Dfractal dimension and 2D profile fractal dimension distribution of the surfaces made by brittle or ductile grinding are calculated. From...

Authors: Jing Kang, Chang Jian Feng, Hong Ying Hu, Qiang Shao

Abstract: In order to improve form cutter accuracy in grinding process, a closed-loop control system was designed to accomplish adaptive control of...

Authors: Miao Yu, Yuan Ming Zhang

Abstract: This paper develops a novel five DOF hybrid polishing kinematics machine tool in order to obtain more stable machining result in the...


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