Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XIV

Volumes 359-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Bin Lu, Qiu Sheng Yan, Juan Yu, Hong Tian, Wei Qiang Gao

Abstract: In this study, Fe3O4 particles were used as magnetic particles to form Fe3O4 magnetorheological (MR) fluid, and experiments were conducted...

Authors: Wen Hui Li, Sheng Qiang Yang, Shi Chun Yang

Abstract: At present, crankshafts with larger size are finished mostly by abrasive cloth and manual steel brush, which is not ideal on finishing...

Authors: Zhen Zhong Wang, Yin Biao Guo

Abstract: For precision grinding, especially the aspheric grinding, the vibrations of wheel and workpiece have great impact on workpiece accuracy and...

Authors: Jing Ming Fan, Cheng Yong Wang, Jun Wang, Guo Sheng Luo

Abstract: Micro abrasive jet machining (MAJM) is a high effective economical technology for three dimensional micro structure fabrications of brittle...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Li, Yuan Yuan Li, Yan Long, Ming Shao, Jian Bing Zhang

Abstract: Ultrafine grain WC hardmetals were manufactured successfully from mixed powders of nominal composition of WC-6Co-1.5Al(wt%). To manufacture...

Authors: Shi Ying Wang, Ming Lv, Gang Ya

Abstract: Ultrasonic vibration can reduce honing forces efficiently. As the honing wheel can be washed by ultrasonic cavitations of cooling liquid,...

Authors: Li Li, Dong Wang, Zong Wei Niu, Zhi Yong Li, Guang Ming Yuan

Abstract: A new kind of ultrasonic machining method named ultrasonic machining aided tool rotation is proposed for sintered NdFeB permanent magnet....

Authors: Wei Min Zeng, Zhi Chao Li, Xipeng Xu, Zhi Jian Pei, Ju Dong Liu, Jun Pi

Abstract: Rotary ultrasonic machining (RUM) is considered as an effective machining method, which has been utilized to machine hard and brittle...

Authors: Guo Fu Gao, Bo Zhao, Qing Hua Kong, Chuan Shao Liu

Abstract: Based on the machining pattern, mechanics of material removal and theory of micro-indentation, in previous studies the models of material...

Authors: Ming Lv, Lin Ma, Guo Xing Liang, Yu Zhang

Abstract: Ultrasonic-vibration-based hardened-gear honing is creativity technique in the domain of gear finishing. The honing technique is improved...


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