Bioceramics 20

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Thierry Fabre, Dominique Chauveaux, Maryse Moinard, Claude Mais, Marlene Durand, Claire Pollart, G. Daculsi

Abstract: The biomaterial studied here is a composite associating a mineral phase of an intimate nanoscale melting of hydroxyapatite and beta tri...

Authors: Hironobu Oonishi, Hiroyuki Oonishi Jr., Sok Chol Kim, Hirotsugu Ohashi, Satoshi Ojima

Abstract: To augment cement-bone bonding, hydroxyapatite (HA) granules were interposed at cement-bone interface (IBBC technique). HA granules were...

Authors: Hiroyuki Oonishi Jr., Hironobu Oonishi, Sok Chol Kim, Shingo Masuda, Masaru Ueno, Hirotsugu Ohashi

Abstract: In total hip prosthesis (THP), we have been using alumina ceramic femoral heads to reduce polyethylene debris and the modified cementing...

Authors: Sok Chol Kim, Hironobu Oonishi, Hiroyuki Oonishi Jr., Hirotsugu Ohashi

Abstract: Improved cement technique by interposing less than two layers of hydroxyapatite (HA) granules between bone and bone cement at the cementing...

Authors: Hironobu Oonishi, Sok Chol Kim, Hiroyuki Oonishi Jr., Masayuki Kyomoto, Mikio Iwamoto, Masaru Ueno, Hirotsugu Ohashi

Abstract: In the late 1970s, we started the clinical use of total knee prostheses (TKPs) composed of alumina ceramic. In this study, we investigated...

Authors: James M. Buchanan, Sally Goodfellow

Abstract: The goal of hip arthroplasty is to restore the patient to an active and pain free life for ever. Unfortunately, prosthetic implants fail...

Authors: Jean Louis Rouvillain, F. Lavallé, Hugues Pascal-Mousselard, Yves Catonné, Olivier Delattre, G. Daculsi

Abstract: In this study, we report human clinical and histological data on the use of micromacroporous biphasic calcium phosphate wedges in...

Authors: Silvana Fiorito, Laura Magrini, Robert Streicher

Abstract: We studied the role of cytokines (TNF-α, IL-6,IL-1β, TGF-β) as markers of osteolysis in patients who underwent to a hip prosthesis...

Authors: Masaru Murata, J. Hino, Toshiyuki Akazawa, Katsutoshi Ito, Yukito Hirose, Morio Ochi, Makoto Arisue

Abstract: The aims of this study are to confirm the capacity of hard tissue induction by human demineralized dentin matrics (DDM) and calcified...

Authors: S.M. Baik, S.G. Kim

Abstract: This study analyzed the examination records and radiographs of 247 patients (144 male, 103 female) who received an OSSTEM Implant (Seoul,...


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