Optics Design and Precision Manufacturing Technologies

Volumes 364-366

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.364-366

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Authors: Woo Chul Jung, Young Moo Heo, Gil Sang Yoon, Kwang Ho Shin, Myeong Woo Cho, Tae Il Seo

Abstract: Recently the polymeric LOC (lab-on-a-chip) has been developed by the bio technology and the micro electro mechanical system technology. It...

Authors: Orhan Çakır

Abstract: In this study, stainless steel material (X5CrNi1810) was micromachined by chemical etching method. Ferric chloride was selected as etchant...

Authors: Chi Yuan Lee, Shuo Jen Lee, Ching Liang Dai, Chin Hua Wu, Ming Der Ger

Abstract: With advances in micro fuel cell development, the production of hydrogen for micro reformer has become increasingly important. However,...

Authors: Chi Yuan Lee, Shuo Jen Lee, Ching Liang Dai, Chih Wei Chuang

Abstract: This investigation utilizes porous silicon as the gas diffusion layer (GDL) in a micro fuel cell. Pt catalyst is deposited on the surface...

Authors: Chi Yuan Lee, Shuo Jen Lee, Guan Wei Wu

Abstract: The temperature and humidity conditions of a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) determine the performance of fuel cells. The volume of...

Authors: Chi Yuan Lee, Shuo Jen Lee, Ching Liang Dai, Chi Lieh Hsieh, Yu Ming Lee

Abstract: The fuel cell has the potential to become an indispensable source of electric power. However, some problems have not yet been resolved....

Authors: Ching Song Jwo, Lung Yue Jeng, Ho Chang, Sih Li Chen

Abstract: This study used the Al2O3 nano-lubricant produced from the direct synthesis method was used as the experimental samples and the ultrasonic...

Authors: Yunn Lin Hwang

Abstract: The recursive projection schemes used in most existing recursive methods for solid deformable structure dynamic problems in precision...

Authors: Min Sub Han

Abstract: The liquid flow in nanoscale channel under thermal gradient, or so-called thermal transpiration, is studied by Molecular Dynamics...

Authors: Shuo Jen Lee, Yu Ming Lee, Chi Yuan Lee, J.J. Lai, K.T. Yang, F.H. Kuan

Abstract: Due to lack of desirable mechanical properties of silicon substrate; the current trend of micro-fabrication technology is towards metallic...


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