Optics Design and Precision Manufacturing Technologies

Volumes 364-366

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.364-366

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Authors: Shuo Jen Lee, J.J. Lai, Yu Ming Lee, Chi Yuan Lee, K.T. Yang, C.W. Peng

Abstract: In this study, the parametric effects of the EMM process were studied by both numerical simulation and experimental tests. The numerical...

Authors: Woo Sik Yoo, Quan Qia Jin, Dong Sam Park, Eun Je Seong, Jin Yong Han

Abstract: Powder blasting is similar to sand blasting and effectively removes hard and brittle materials. With an increase in the need for machining...

Authors: Zhen Long Wang, Bao Guo Zhu, Wei Liang Zeng, Li Zhong Sun

Abstract: There are many influence factors of electrochemical micromachining (EMM) development. So the characteristics of EMM technology were...

Authors: Bo Zhao, Jing Lin Tong, Yan Wu, Guo Fu Gao

Abstract: Using TEM, SEM and XRD, the surface microstructures of nanocomposite ceramics prepared by heterocoagulation was studied in two-dimensional...

Authors: Juan Yu, Qiu Sheng Yan, Jia Bin Lu, Wei Qiang Gao

Abstract: Based on the magnetorheological (MR) effect of abrasive slurry, the particle-dispersed MR fluid is used as a special instantaneous bond to...

Authors: Feng Zhou Fang, Yu Chan Liu, Qing Xiang Pei, Xiao Tang Hu

Abstract: A new method on examining the micro cracks of monocrystalline silicon during nano indentation is proposed. It is established based on a...

Authors: Hong Gue Shin, Heon Young Kim, Byeong Hee Kim

Abstract: Nano hot or thermal embossing has many advantages of comparatively few process steps, simple operation, relatively low tooling cost and...

Authors: Rong Yuan Jou

Abstract: A nano-porous silicon film deposited on a flexible cyclic olefin copolymers substrate is adopted to insulate the structure at high...

Authors: Ching Song Jwo, Chien Chih Chen, Ho Chang, Sih Li Chen, Shin Jr Ho

Abstract: This study develops a measurement method for testing the efficiency of photocatalysts in the degradation of NH3 gaseous concentrations. The...

Authors: Shih Miao Huang, Jui Chang Lin

Abstract: Optically, humans can discriminate between colors as close as 2nm in wavelength in relative judgment task. However, there is little...


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