Optics Design and Precision Manufacturing Technologies

Volumes 364-366

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.364-366

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Authors: Xiao Fei Yang, Chang Yuan Han

Abstract: With the advent of the new complex optical system, alignment technology is necessary. In this paper, is presented an alignment algorithm...

Authors: Rui Li Song, Yu Duan

Abstract: An efficient phosphorescent white organic light-emitting diode (WOLED) was realized by using a bright blue-emitting layer, iridium (III)...

Authors: Guo Liang Huang, Zhong Hua Dong, Cheng Deng, Shu Kuan Xu, Jiang Zhu, Xiao Yong Yang, Guo Fan Jin

Abstract: Microscopy is an important tool in biology and medicine, but it is often limited to optical imaging structures with high numerical...

Authors: Quan Zhou, Shi Hua Yang, Wen Li Chen, Yang Dong, Li Huang

Abstract: The aim of this work is to assess the cerebrovascular reserve capacity (CVRC) by MR PWI and photoacoustic brain imaging with “ACZ”...

Authors: Li Na Guo, Zhi Lie Tang, Da Xing

Abstract: A novel nonlinear confocal microscopic imaging system based on Raman induced Kerr effect spectroscopy (RIKES) is presented in this paper....

Authors: Wen Long Jiang, Yu Duan, Hui Ying Li, De Chang Li, Gui Ying Ding

Abstract: Highly efficient and unusual structures white organic light-emitting devices were fabricated based on phosphorescence sensitized...

Authors: Liang Zhong Xiang, Fei Fan Zhou

Abstract: Photoacoustic imaging (also called optoacoustic or thermoacoustic imaging) can image vascularity clearly with simultaneous high contrast...

Authors: Hui Wang, Liang Zhong Xiang

Abstract: Scanning photoacoustic tomography with a piezoelectric double-ring sensor was explored to image biological tissues, and short laser pulses...

Authors: Ming Qian, Xiao Wu Ni, Jian Lu, Zhong Hua Shen

Abstract: Our recent work [1] theoretically revealed that speckles can be formed when nanofluids containing a modest volume fraction of nanoparticles...

Authors: Gang Yan, Chen Yin Ni, Yi Fei Shi, Zhong Hua Shen, Jian Lu, Xiao Wu Ni

Abstract: The scanning laser line source (SLLS) technique is a novel laser-based inspection method for the ultrasonic detection of small...


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