Optics Design and Precision Manufacturing Technologies

Volumes 364-366

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.364-366

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Authors: Shen Yung Lin, S.H. Cheng

Abstract: High speed machining is very popular and widely used in industry recently, and it has been accepted as a key technology for die and mold...

Authors: Wei Shin Lin

Abstract: This study discusses the high speed turning of the hardened mold steel by ceramic cutting tools. From the experiments, we can understand...

Authors: Xiao Lei Yu, Zhi Min Zhao, Hong Min Yu

Abstract: With the wide application of composite materials in aeronautics industry, the repairing technology of the composite materials has become a...

Authors: Shen Yung Lin, S.H. Yu, M.L. Wu

Abstract: Different materials coated on milling tools (tungsten carbide) such as TiCN, TiAlN, TiN and DLC are integrated in this study for the...

Authors: Wen Li Chen, Quan Zhou, Da Xing

Abstract: AflatoxinB1 was extracted from rice contaminated artificially with Aspergillus flavus by using methanol-water (50:50 v/v). As for...

Authors: Ying Hu, Bing Li, Dai Zhong Su, Hong Hu

Abstract: Based on the proposed 4PUS-1RPU parallel mechanism a 5-axis Parallel Kinematic Machine (PKM) scheme has been developed and the dynamic...

Authors: Ying Zha, De Gui Sun, Tie Gen Liu, Ying Zhang, Xiao Qi Li, Jun Feng Jiang

Abstract: Based on the CROSSBAR network (CN) and the BANYAN network (BN), two new rearrangeable nonblocking constructions of extended BANYAN network...

Authors: Qin Wang, Jing Chi Yu, Hao Chen

Abstract: Methods on the measurement of progressive addition lenses (PALs) are summarized. Principles and characteristics of several comparatively...

Authors: Lin Ling Qin, Jing Chi Yu, Hao Chen

Abstract: The characteristics of Progressive addition lens (PAL) are described in this paper. Theoretical analysis of advantages of Interior PAL is...

Authors: Yan Ye, Lin Sen Chen

Abstract: A novel light guide plate (LGP) with sub-micron gratings (SMGs) on its upper surface is proposed to control the illumination angle and its...


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